She said something to him but I couldn’t recall what she said,
He looked directly at her then laughed off his head.
His head  fell onto the table then onto the floor
The head kept on quickly rolling as it flew out of the door
rolling down  into  the big garden then around a bush
She ran after  it laughing she seemed in a rush
The head disappears where no one could find,
So she rang the police on the telephone line.
The police made a man hunt for the head that day,
Someone said they had found it but hidden it away.
The police investigated the allegation its said,
they have to find this man laughed off head.
A hunt around the garden seemed a good idea to me,
The police  found the head at a quarter to three.
Police concluded in the investigations in a rush,
That head had rolled into the garden and under a bush,
it was found by a nest of birds they thought were a thrush.
She thought about the things she had said,
that poor old man who laughed off his head,
is now in a grave because he is dead,
All because the man was laughing off his head.
© Copyright 2015 Allan Robinson


Stupidity at its best but funny

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