You was my big romantic mistake,
Always thought of yourself as great.
That was another of your big mistakes,
You’re a typical woman  who was so fake.
You was my big romantic mistake,
Always on the make and even on the take.
You always talked about money,
When I had none you thought it was funny,
You was my big romantic mistake.
You was my big romantic mistake,
In bed you wasn’t that great.
Partners that you had before,
They all had used you and nothing more,
You always wanted attention and not to be ignored,
When we talked it wasn’t always interesting in fact bit of a bore
I saw you in the bus station the other week
You wasn’t what you call looking Chic
The guy you was  talking to also looked like a freak
Another short relationship that may last a couple of weeks
You was my big romantic mistake,
Four years older showing your age.
Die your hair each month so that it wasn’t showing grey,
You fucked around with mine and every partners head,
Everyone now wishes you  were dead.
But you was my big romantic, fake, selfish, mistake.
© Copyright 2015 Allan Robinson


Thinking of a past relationship or a quick fling (she wasn't worth it)

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