There are times when when we all think about life,
Wonder if we did the right things when there are troubles and strife.
Sometimes yes, and other times no,
Who knows what life will throw.
But whatever we think is right or wrong,
We only know when the time has gone.
But at the end of the day its our decision,
Sometimes puts us on a dramatic mission.
Yours is the only one that counts,
You have to stand by that decision without a doubt.
So many times in life thought we made the right decision,
Sometimes causing friends and family indecision.
Only to find out later it was the wrong one.
For that moment disappointment won.
So, now we’ve decided not to make these decisions any more
If people are not happy they know they can walk out the door
Now to just go with whatever life throws at us,
Up to now we haven’t done too bad, so I’ll carry on without the fuss.
© Copyright 2015 Allan Robinson


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