I woke up this morning thinking of you,
Didn’t know really what to do.
I got dressed then went out in the rain,
Walked the dog and got drenched what a pain.
I was standing on my own thinking of you,
Waiting for a bus with nothing to do.
My mind was in a world of its own today,
I was thinking of you because you’ve gone away.
I was in my kitchen making my tea,
Something strange came over me,
It was that thought of you again,
And all them memories we did then.
Some times forget about the little things we do,
I cherish each memory of everything we’ve been though,
With no bitterness or regrets,
I try to think of all the best.
Woke up this morning thinking of you.
Carried on all day memories flowing through,
I cannot stop the memories of everything we had,
its very emotional and sometimes sad,
Its time for bed the end of the day,
On my pillow my head will lay.
Because tomorrow is another is another day,
and Your in my head never going away.
© Copyright 2015 Allan Robinson


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