The warm hot sun brings everyone out,
all the children play loudly and running in and out.
The barbecue lit and the cooking has started,
This is the time a man and his beer will never be parted,
But now its time to get this party started.
The music is cranked up and the beats are high base is low,
food and alcohol soon will be in full flow.
The smell is overwhelming of burgers, sausages and
mouthwatering succulent steak,
Salad on the side all very delicious food all home made.
More friends arrive as the barbecue party gets off the ground,
The street is buzzing with the loud summer sounds.
The food has been eaten more drinks are consumed,
And the music turned down and quietened the mood,
The children are all tiered and off to there rooms,
So we all chill out in with the evening coming to an end,
Why not come to my barbecue next time my friend.
© Copyright 2015 Allan Robinson

Today sat in the sun and someone had a barbecue I could smell inspired me to write this

2015© Copyright 2015 Allan Robinson

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