Love Captured By Death

His eyes were the eyes you got lost in
His lips were the lips that parted to reveal a breath-taking smile
He was the one that was so close but so far
As I grew to know him, I realized things
I realized at night, his eyes constructed tears which flowed seamlessly across his face
I realized every night, screams would escape his lips
I realized that I fell for him
His sleeves were rolled back to reveal marks up and down every area on his arm
Underneath his jeans were bruises and burns
And yet, I still loved him
I loved everything about him
But he never thought he was good enough
He had more enemies than I could ever fight off
Even though I kissed every scar, he never truly felt any of them
Now he’s gone
He’s slipped from my grasp
His body now cold
His heart, silent
It seems as though the Reaper has taken him
I fell in love with a boy
A boy who’s heart seizes to beat
A boy far far away

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