Let Me Go

There was a time when I loved you
A time when I truly cared
Then you hurt me so deeply
Our marriage was beyond repair
You were so very controlling
I didn’t have a voice of my own
You cheated on me and I felt so alone
All I wanted was to divorce you
You have put me through Hell for 44 years
Give me my divorce and stop these tears
I think it’s time you stop all the games
Please give me my life back you have nothing to gain
Your control is no longer in affect
I’ve done nothing wrong
You just can’t give up that hold
I’m begging you to please, please  “Let Me Go”.


My husband has been dragging out our divorce for 4 1/2 years. It's just too much I can't take it no more. My whole married life was of  being a servant to a sociopath. I now want my freedom and he can't understand.  
We were however separated on 2/28/13, yet he is still taking me to court. No one would believe what I have been through. I finally decided on separating because I thought he was going to stop. Guess not. It's like there is no end to this.

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