The heart knows only two things
The love that makes it live
The pain that surely let’s  it die
When we are in love our heart sings
When that love is gone we mourn it’s death
When love is renewed we smile once more
But when it’s lost we feel so broken
What makes this heart fill with such emotion
It’s the person who holds it so gentle
Caring and giving makes the heart beat strong
So if you want to keep the compassion it holds
Love softly and wisely
Chose well as the heart will know


I hope everyone who reads this can understand how delicate our heats really are.


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Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
plus de 7 ans

Thanks Gordon. God Bless. Sandi

plus de 7 ans

really nice write on the nature of love with good counsel to feed the heart. well done, God bless, Gordon

Debra Romero
plus de 7 ans

I enjoyed this Sandi so tenderly written. Debra~


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