Time and time again i have been good
Look up smiled just like i should
Took my hat of when im inside
Sat down like a good boy
But  im done this insanty
Im done smileing my skys are black as night
Im done my heart dark as my skin
Burnt to ash i cant take it nomore no one loves me no reason to care no reason to believe
Im done theres no way to stop me im out and you better start running im burning the world in my hate
Drowing it in my pain
Poisoning it with my hurt i cant stand it why me what did i do it like talking to myself
Im done the pain of tommorrow will not curpt my actions of today
Im done i cant breath this sickness anymore
Im ready, ready to go, to go insane, to go crazy, to freakout and im not ashamed


This is how i feel and im at this point in my life were i think i know my path and i know who, what, and understand who i am. And i love him

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