As i lay almost died on my death bed i scream and shake, tare at the fabrics holding me down layer by layer rip, shreed, destroy, tired of this insanity  i snap “crack ” i broke my back i fall to the grown the docter pull me back in tell me it will be over soon there killing me im scared no where to go nowhere to turn, im shaking “help” i scream but no sound not a word not a peep, im died my heart stoped and im looking at death why i ask he looks at me and say, “ though you must go dont cry, dry your i eyes, i do this to much and its your time you killed someones poor child now its you time to pay, time to pay, time to stop your life and begin a new breath nomore thats to much for you cant behave now its to late your mine and im not letting go”, hhahahahahahahaha


This is to show a story and it suppose to be funny and scary read it all and injoy

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anubis love anderson
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Cory Garcia
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