I’m breaking out of this illusion that we still have something
You always lead me on then kick me down
And then you act like its nothing
You make me feel crazy like I’m making it all up
But how could I be crazy? After all we did fuck.
And you still treated me like the baddest princess that there ever was
But a few months down the road you had me hypnotized
In a panic you changed and lost who you were
You’re lack of words made me lose myself too
I had nothing to lean on, stability was no more
I thought I had nothing left to live for
After you walked out the door
You were the light of my eyes
And the smile on my face
You were the breath of spring
And the warmth in winter
I loved you and I know now that you didn’t really love me
And it’s okay now
I’ve accepted it and moved on completely
I’ve been seeing a new man
You’ve seen us around
And all of your friends have told me
Lately you’ve been feeling down
I don’t mean to seem rude
Or to seem like a bitch
But next time you ought to realize
When you’re missing out on something big

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