Forever I gaze
At your amazing face
Your beauty is so unique
Elegant stares and daring glares
And your hair is shiny sleek
I look all around me inside of this crowd
And others look like you
Then I look in the mirror and what I see
Is not who I want to be
Confused in the moment
And I just didn’t care
I picked up that pill bottle
And I just stared
I thought about how my life could change
I could be gone and never seen again
But what would be the fun in that?
To give up or drown when I know I can still hold on
I haven’t given it my all is such a long time
But I know that it’s my time right now
I can have beauty and brains
I can have a pretty face
I can be valedictorian
I can be a lawyer, doctor, or I could just dream
I don’t owe this world anything
Except for myself
And now that I’ve learned this
I’m doing pretty well

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