The idea of staying in this permanent trip
Is terrifying me to pieces
I’m self destructing
Think that you’re the only one for me
I know I was just some fun for you
You never wanted this going anywhere
But when I think back to the first time
We kissed and talked our hearts out
I have to question where this went wrong
Because our feelings felt so real and strong
Maybe it was all in my head
And I shouldn’t have taken in the words you’ve said
But they are engraved in my mind
And I’m falling for you harder now than I
Was back in July
Maybe it’s this distance and lack of words
That keep you in my head
Maybe if I ask you where I went wrong
I could find my piece of mind
But I feel like it would be to weird
And put me in a vulnerable state
Because I should know that I can’t take back the
Words I want to say
But I have given this a lot of thought and I seem to be
Fighting for my life
Because I feel numb without you here
I don’t know what else to try

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