All I can say is that I was born on a Wednesday. The 13th of August, on a rainy night just before the clock could strike 12. I wonder what my peers who were born along with me in the year of 95 are consuming their lives with today?! Any-who, I am a 20 year old who was raised in the vigorous streets of Brooklyn, and despite the many tales which may come to mind when hearing about the environment I was brought up in, I can say that it was quite amazing. I feel as though that my life has been nothing more than an adventure thus far with so many untold stories which are in dyer need to be heard. I've never been the type to share. If I had a pack of gum in school I would kindly distribute all of what I had to whomsoever I could, but what I mean is that I have always been a sealed envelop. No matter how beautiful and electrifying my exterior would seem, no one knew what the letter I contained within me stated, and that's what gets under the skins of humans, it is the thought of not knowing. People would try to the best of their abilities to tear me open because the uncertainty does nothing but drive them insane. Being anonymous had it's perks, and it was reassuring because in a world which was filled with over exposed people the best thing a person could do was maintain their mystery. The reason I had this mindset was the constant fear of being unsure that if I revealed what I had concealed it might not have met the standards of what the masses considered acceptable, leaving me to be consumed by my worst nightmare of being nothing more than an ordinary individual without any taste of uniqueness, nor style. I know now that worrying about pleasing others is an unattainable notion, and that what I have to say may be uncanny, but it is also filled with passion, sentiment, humor, as well as wonder, and deep meaning. I feel as though that I am The Great Jay Gatsby, mysterious to the world finally opening up to my Nick Carraway, and hopefully this could be a means of opening up the many doors which will introduce my art, craft, and who I really am to those who don't know me.

Different, Spontaneous, Comical, Tragic, Romantic, Memorable, and Weird.