My spirit communes
with the four directions:
To the north are
in-laws, our aging
mother, her last
chapter is closing.
In the south is
my own mother, brother,
sister; the effects of
a broken marriage
still linger.
My father lives
out east, he
abides in the hills
that bore him.
Out west lives
my only son and
his lovely desert flower,
protected by surrounding
Here I am in the
middle, my heart
floats to all of
them, during the
night and at
the break of dawn,
it rises a deep pink
with rays that touch,
all of their lives.


thoughts about family spread in all directions

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Barb Clarke
over 5 years

Thanks Charlotte, I am not too far behind you in age and you do tend to appreciate family more the older you get.

Charlotte B. Williams
over 5 years

It's wonderful to have family, as you get older you appreciate them more, I'm 62, it's a younger picture, have to update. enjoyed this.

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