To Pete, Oscar, Fred and Victor

Leaving the with’ring remnants of a bountiful watermelon crop
Eagerly merrily we clambered up toward the mountain top.
His arm around his round fruit as we struggled farther uphill
We saw my brother fall and roll unhurt over a cliff downhill.
'Twas hard to tell how close we were to greater dangers on that day.
For all we cared some deadly creepy crawly creature lurked along the way:
Some furtive cobra in the bush prepared to rear its wing-like head,
Some predatory python poised to strike its prey and then constrict it dead!
Didn’t we, dashing daring youngsters, know or might we have forgotten
We’re blazing trails on grounds that could have been untrodden?
Perhaps we’ve gotten inured to rustic, rough and tumble environs;
Couldn’t care less about croaking geckos, rustling lizards and staring chameleons.
Along the rugged slopes toward this enigmatic mountain height
In a solitary cave we’re mystified by many a stalactite.
But then we wondered why we found no trace of any stalagmite.
Holy cow! Was this a bomb-protected Yamashita treasure site?
© 2014 Benjamin G. Sangalang


Youthful adventure in the countryside


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Benjamin G. Sangalang
over 5 years

Gracias amigo. Mas vale tarde que nunca.

Benjamin G. Sangalang
over 5 years

Thanks Charlotte. I don't know how I failed to respond earlier. Better late than never. Really appreciate it.

Charlotte B. Williams
almost 6 years

Nice Poem Ben.

almost 6 years

I have a similar poem called "The Lost Boys" posted here. It recounts the mis-adventures of three ten-year old boys. I was one of them.

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Charlotte B. Williams Vic

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