Because we could feel the edges lifting up ever so slightly
had spent too much time in the sun
Glory turned cancerous at our backs
And now we scrub at our creation
To see if it could come loose
Or if it
Would grow to take us over
There are some
real old trees in some fresh laid yards
what part
of your lavish regard have I left unkissed?
turned you inside out
found that familiar moss
As raw as unnerving as true as rancid
But don’t worry
I know
The bark is released
just as quickly as my skin to your teeth
won’t cling tight
parts that must be shed
And used for tinder next winter
you know
When I’m dead
They’ll split me open
And they’d find you in there
A thick, crude oil ring
some scientists say means
A few of those years
we were plenty

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Robert L. Martin
over 3 years

Very Nice

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Sarah Jane Danielsson

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