Someone New

It pains me to think:
we’ll never go to another sporting event
we’ll never make our favorite meals
we’ll never lay in bed, watching our favorite shows
that we’ve seen countless times
we’ll never watch new movies together
we’ll never eat at the same old places
“Let’s go somewhere new tonight”
when it comes down to the final decision
“Let’s just go here and play it safe”
we’ll never drive to the beach and watch another sunset
we’ll never laugh at our inside jokes
we’ll never celebrate another anniversary
we’ll never wake up next to each other
we’ll never make more stupid jokes
we’ll never take those trips we wanted to
Disneyland, Universal, cruises
we’ll never have those cats and dogs
or those kids and that house
in a neighborhood with 2 stories
Did you truly want these things with me
or were you just saying that?
Looking at this list actually isn’t as painful
as I thought it would be
You see,
all of these things meant so much to me
But since you threw them all away,
I’ve found I get stronger every day
I hang onto the thoughts of:
sharing a sport
laying in in bed and introducing favorite shows
watching new movies
eating at new places
watching sunsets
having inside jokes
making meals
going to the beach
celebrating anniversaries until God takes us
waking up next to who?
Next to someone new
I will not forfeit my future plans
just because you did not know
how to be a man
and love a woman
who gave you everything
that others would have killed for
I will build my life with
someone worthy of receiving my love
someone who can’t live without me
someone who can’t imagine their world without
yours truly
someone who knows they have
the entire package
and does not need any extra parts to make them
feel whole
I am perfect
I am beautiful
I have a universe inside of me
So fuck you
for making me think
that I was worth leaving
Now it’s your time
to start grieving

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