I was born in Oriental Mindoro, a province in the Philippines. We didn't have many neighbors, I only had few close friends despite my being quite approachable. I used to like the idea of being famous by performing onstage, having the typical talents that my classmates had – like singing and dancing – but I wasn't good at both. And so, I grew up into a very introverted person. I rarely speak; although when I do, some of my friends think that my words are always full of sense and humor. But their words didn't help much in my personality development, so, I decided to search for other talents that I could possibly have. That's when I decided to write things (weird or extraordinary, sometimes stupid) random things just popping up inside my head. Some people liked my writings– my teachers, classmates, friends and my high school crush :). I started reading other people's writings, too, so I could learn more, impress those people some more (possibly gain confidence from their praises). Then I learned how to write poems and how amazing it is to be able to write one's thoughts in verses. I wrote some, and they had been published in our school paper back in high school. But, I didn't take creative writing or anything alike as my course for college. I had to follow what my dad wanted me to take– Accountancy (it's quite easy to find a job here in the Philippines if you are an accounting graduate, and I badly need a good job to help my poor family). I'm doing fine, but not as fine as I would have been if I had taken creative writing. So,  I tried to find a place where I could post my poems and possibly have some people to read them, then, I found this site and I hope it'll be a good refuge for me when I need to let out words that I can't let out with accounting. :)