A Whimsical Poem about hard to remember dreams..

Its been said to write of ones dreams may seem cliche
And to rhyme of butterflies just as mundane
yet just for the challenge perhaps in vain
let me see if i can speak of both and spin it anew
but just as well to speak it plain
my dream slipped from me in the morning not as a butterfly evading capture
but as a fish that was believed firmly in hand and slipped free in an instant
Oh is it not such an irksome truth?
Vexing as it is mirthful, for it will goad yet charm
The need, nay the utter desire to evoke, and grasp said dream, to Recall
and then to forget there was ever a dream to be remembered at all.
—C.R. Stanger
Written 8-28-2018

Im trying my best to write a few whimsical poems...i live writing so much about darkness and death and the super personal dark side of human beings and dark desire...that jeez...what a challenge it is for me to write this whimsical stuff...and it was FUN..i didnt feel like i should go to a psyche afterwards... :) im pretty proud of this poem...because ive always read from true "poets" that you should try your best NOT to use cliches like butterflies and dreams and all that...well...i challenged them...maybe i did well...maybe not..but im ok with this either way

*Note On every poem** all my poems are copyrighted and have codes to prove ownership ... While I doubt anyone here does this ..still have to say Don't steal other people's work wether a poem is good enough or not .... It's personal and directly speaks from the soul of the writer and to take their work and say it's yours ..it's wrong and unnatural ..your stealing a peice of them ...it's nothing to do with money or rights...it's so much more than that...its happened to me .. It can happen to anyone .. It hurts and I always speak out against it even if to most it seems pretentious...

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Malak Alrashed
about 1 year

"The need, nay the utter desire to evoke, and grasp said dream, to Recall
and then to forget there was ever a dream to be remembered at all."

You captured how dreams feel so well that your poem feels like one; it gave me a momentary lucid vision that stopped when it ended.

about 1 year

wow...thank you so much...truly a compliment..especially from someone whose poetry i admire

J Ann Crowder
over 1 year

I love it! Nice job at challenging your art!

Robert L. Martin
over 1 year

I'm so glad to be able to read your poems again. My writing has progressed and I am able to understand yours a lot more now.

over 1 year

awww ive missed my two favorite people on this site..you and vic...yall have always checked my stuff out and given the time to give me what yall think..its greatly appreciated..the other day i didnt have any time to read anything..i just had to put stuff up...but yea...if you could recommend any of your new poems that i could read...plz do! as always thank you for the kind words...

over 1 year

The soul needs flights of whimsy now and then. Like!

over 1 year

Vic! i was just telling robert above this comment how much ive missed my two favorites on this site...yall have always read my new stuff and left a comment ...thats so appreciated you have no idea..and if i ever have time to read...it will be yalls stuff...i love it ...plz let me know any new poems you have up that youd like me to read...ill probably just go to your site...but i also like to ask you in case there is a favorite of yours i havent read yet....anyways...thanks for you words..means alot...

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