The String and the Bell

Buried Alive....Before the turn of the century, they'd put a bell above ground and a string leading to the coffin below to make sure someone could warn if they had been buried alive...

I awoke to find my eyes were blind
Though wide and fraught in panic
Bones unbending and breath stale
No candles close with blazing wick
Myself in something like a shell
This string is near so I’ve heard tell
Find I must the string and ring the bell
I cannot endure this hell like haven
Though I will doubtless, an eternity more
Asylum of agony, refuge of anguish
Sheltered yet in torment to my core
A trembling hand will search, languish
As I had began before
and I will ring that bell.
Is this my grave, untimely, so soon?
Has it forgotten my breath behind?
I take a moment to strengthen my resolve
And I inside only misery find
I will pull the string at my head
Before paranoia stains the mind
I will ring the bell
Beneath the soil a sound would force
My pulsing veins to sweat
Vibrations of the dead without source
Echo in my blood, a soundless threat
A tremor within my diminutive room
So small that my frame will not let
Me sound the liberator, my bell
The time cannot be determined
My day is dark and night is day
I see nothing less than oblivion
Driving my sanity further away
Why can I not reach this fore told string?
That rings my bell
My mouth is dry and insipid
My heart is falling thru my jaws
Screaming for no one to hear
I grew incisive and desperate claws
Carving for the secretive twine
Having broken humanities laws
Yet do I deserve such a torture befell?
Would anyone put upon my grave a savior bell?
Horror and dread from birth of this terror
I remember nothing of my bringing
All around is sinister and still
All but my thoughts ever screaming
I cannot see my nails ever scratching
At the front door of hell I hear singing
I will never ring the bell
My mistakes and regrets they haunt me
My loves and passions they overwhelm
Beneath the ground alone and aimless
A ship lost at sea helpless without a helm
I cannot ask for anyone or any aid
None above is listening at this realm
They would not hear the bell I ring
I am smothered by this darkness
This burden I so heavy bear
Hope is suicidal without truth
Time has lost all meaning, I dare
Realize that my bell was ever really there
At all
I hear no cries or footsteps above me
Within the statues, no dirges in the wind
If the dead around me deep as I
Whisper its time to drag and send
My soul below where it belongs
in the dark his face and hideous grin
bid me to receive what is deserved
No! a soul black, cannot look back again
In agony I begin to bend
For the string that held my bell
A victim of cruelty am I
Yet I dug my own grave and I shake
I am now reaping beyond what I’ve sown
Yet no one would cry for my sake
Here in my gruesome grave I die
And from my lungs I seize, I take
A deep breath of suffocation
A corpse with eyes scanning
The dead with breath that would smother
A carcass yet without rot or decay
The remains that went out with a shudder
Within this Satan’s brutal tricks
He worked the arms of another
To doom me in a twisted dream
Leaving me with me and no other
Unable to grasp that I am alone
Alone in the darkness of a forgotten earth
I cannot feel a string non existent
And no bell to assure my souls rebirth
I shall die here in this solemn grave alive
Leaving me to my hatred in lament to my worth
Grasping gently to only false hope
I can feel those looming flames of hell
I scream in circles of terror to devastation
From laughter then back to sobs then yell
To No one
“am I to be forgotten?
I curse you brutal undertaker
For there is no bell!”


A criminal who has been buried alive....he believes he has simply been buried as a mistake and looks for his salvation and string ..slowly realizing he has been buried alive by an enemy or by someone who thinks he deserves such a fate ....and no where near a real cemetery ...can u imagine? Shiver...

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