Occupation– Poet

RE: Poetry

From a young age, I really loved to write.
Wearing to a nub, every pencil in sight.
And no matter what, I’d write about anything.
From family gatherings to a cat playing with string.
I found it easy to express myself writing as a Poet.
Very therapeutic, even though I didn’t know it.
Constantly inspired by everything I see.
And I must admit –No Subject is safe with me.
I used to write about feelings that had nowhere to go.
I used to write out of boredom, when times were really slow.
I would write whether happy or so mad I couldn’t stand it.
I would write, just to write -(an all consuming habit).
And after years of writing, building verse with steady meter.
I realized as a Poet, I am nothing –without a Reader.

These thoughts changed the way I wrote and presented, my Poetry.

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