a man's woman

the dream of a man
is a whore with a gold tooth
and a garter belt,
with false eyebrows
light pink panties
salami breath
high heels
long stockings with a very slight
run on back of left stocking,
a little bit fat,
a little bit drunk,
a little bit silly and a little bit crazy
who doesn't tell dirty jokes
and has 3 warts on her back
and pretends to enjoy symphony music
and who will stay a week
just one week
and wash the dishes and cook and fuck and suck
and scrub the kitchen floor
and not show any photos of her children
or talk about her x-husband or husband
or where she went to school or where she was born
or why she went to jail last time
or who she's in love with,
just stay one week
just one week
and do the thing and go and never come
for that one earring on the dresser.
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