fan letter

I been readin’ you for a long time now,
I just put Billy Boy to bed,
he got 7 mean ticks from somewhere,
I got 2,
my husband, Benny, he got 3.
some of us love bugs, others hate
Benny writes poems.
he was in the same magazine as you
Benny is the world’s greatest writer
but he got this temper.
he gave a readin’ once and somebody
laughed at one of his serious poems
and Benny took his thing out right16 there
and pissed on stage.
he says you write good but that you
couldn’t carry his balls in a paper
anyhow, I made a BIG POT OF MARMALADE
we all just LOVE marmalade here.
Benny lost his job yesterday, he told his
boss to stick it up his ass
but I still got my job down at the
manicure shop.
you know fags come in to get their nails29 done?
you aren’t a fag, are you, Mr.
anyhow, I just felt like writing you.
your books are read and read around
Benny says you’re an old fart, you
write pretty good but that you
couldn’t carry his balls in a
paper sack.
do you like bugs, Mr. Chinaski?
I think the marmalade is cool enough to
eat now.
so goodbye.
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