I looked at myself in the mirror,
thinking,  I don’t like what I see,
because I’m getting older and,
things are changing with me,
but then God reminded me,
that I must love myself,
because I’m His creation,
unlike anyone else.
Suddenly !!! a light came on,
and I knew it was ok.
To love myself, the way God loves me,
because He made me this way.
Then I saw myself created by God ,
just like many others,
and I have to love myself,
Like I love my sisters and brothers.
So next time I look in the mirror,
I'm gonna like what I see.
because that person in the mirror,
thank God that person is me.
H. S. I. (c) 2015 -18.

Matthew 37, 38 and 39. I understand this better now.

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