Everyone has pain, no one is excluded,
every single soul, everyone’s encluded.
Why does life bring pain?
Why must we hurt this way?
Like a dagger in the soul,
piercing through from day to day.
We hurt and then we heal,
and then we hurt again,
will it ever stop? will it ever end?
But along with the pain,
I see I can still make it.
there is a glimse of hope that,
I’m strong enough to take it.
This pain that I feel,
lets me know that I’m alive,
So I’ll be thankful for that,
and trust that I’ll survive.
This wound won’t last forever,
and the hurt won’t always stay,
And one day I will notice,
that the pain has gone away.
H. S. I. (c) 2015 -20.

There was a man named Job, who suffered great pain
Job 1;21 Job 42;10 - speaks of how his pain began and how it ended, and no one ever suffered pain like our Lord, Romans 5;8 - but in the end there was Great Glory. So seeing this I believe there can be a purpose for our pain, and in the end we will see it's purpose, and even receive a reward.

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J Ann Crowder
casi 3 años

Great way to make our pain a positive. Nice poem!

Charlotte B. Williams
más de 5 años

Thanks for the comments.

Leesaan Robertson
más de 5 años

Lovely optimistic poem "Charlotte B Williams".

más de 5 años

nice positive outlook poem!

Barb Clarke
más de 5 años

You see the silver lining to everything, I think that is your blessing, Ms Charlotte. Nice poem.

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