True love makes you smile,
It does not leave you blue.
You can depend on it,
always being there for you.
True love will not change,
true love will always care.
It will not give up,
but will always be right there.
True love will be strong,
A love you can feel.
Not a temporary fling,
but lasting, and for real.
When you've found your true love,
everyone will know it
cause the smile on your face,
will definitely show it.
HSI (c) 2016 - 19.

Everyone needs love. If you havn't found your (True Love) yet
don't give up, wait for it, don't settle for less.

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Robert L. Martin
plus de 4 ans

Happy as a lark, when I met mine.

plus de 4 ans

Indeed. Nice poem!

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Vic Barb Clarke

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