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The lone wanderer embarked on his great journey of definition...

Through the indefinite progress of continued existence,
 he grew.

Filling up the destined lines traced
with helping hands along the mountain pass,
the giant still of unmoving force
begins to quiver...

From the aged rendition of the bare foot
a lines impression
a greys detection
an unfamiliar familiar of future turned past...

Until he discovered the boundary of fate,
a plea to negotiate with the keeper at the gate
leaves the wanderer asking the question of time...

“What is the point if I have not explored all of Earth and its many doors?”

The lone wanderer at fates white gate
expecting an answer as grand as great

For years he waited with no reply...

and so he remembered the time passed by...
until he realized something inspired by his demise:

“I have felt!”
 ...(opened the gate).

Remember those sunny days,
you ran without any shoes?

flowers in bloom,
purple and blue,
you’d always remind me too.

We’d lie in the thick of the grass,
imagine a story of a time yet to pass.

Talking lips eventually turning to caressing hips...

and so, and so...

We were pretty then,
when we danced, and you would twirl.

my spirit,
my soul, was full.

while my stomach would ache
and constantly curl.

You were sweet when you’d say:
“I will love you each and every day”

I’m older now,
and It’s not what I thought it would be.

we dreamed,
and so it seems
was forced to flee...
before us.

remember us,

I remember us...

I met a homeless man today,
and he invited me in...

he caught me peering out his window...
with all these eyes staring back in...

“oh, what a chill”

facing me then...

with his held high chin,
and eyes that glisten,

with an unspoken grin...
“never mind, it’s warm inside”


One dark and stormy night
I walked a lonely street…

with many bends and turns
I would generally meet…

It was indeed
a lonesome walk

 I would say…
with the fear of who I might greet,
every day.


maybe two to four feet,
a ghoul I did see.
A sullen face
I was sure i would receive.
What has come over me,
I could not believe…
for there was no face…

no eyes
to gaze at,
no lips,
nor nose.

 I did
what any would do,
I turned my head
with a quiver and yelp
and ran past the ghoul,
looking for any kind of help.

To my dismay,
now only inches away...
I saw another ghoul in sight!
and it was at that very moment
I thought…

oh why didn’t I turn right?

this time I would tell myself
 to not get a fright...
I would approach this thing,
and let it ring true,
that I would not be afraid,
not of anyone,
not even of you.

And so I did just that...

I walked one step,
then two…
and what I saw
when face to face with this ghoul
 you would ask?

“It’s me!” I did say,
 it wasn’t even a mask.
It was since that very day,
no monster I’d dare
 scare me away...

no goblin nor ghoul,
I would stay true,
because since that very day,
I’ve found,
we can all be monsters...

even me and you.


We study to learn 
lest we be buried in the knowledge of nothing,
and still we learn 
to study nothing of the knowledge.

I sit in winter with words that do not heat me 
while adding the snowflakes that fall 
between me,
beside me, before me,
measuring the white influence
against the black of the night,

disguising i’m a worm
in this bird cage called life. 

I wonder of stencils and chalk... 
as someone behind me begins to talk,

this language I know 
“Ich bin hungrig”

I reply with a shrug 
and a gesture of no.

I hoped to have learned everything 
I thought I needed to know, 

to survive in this jungle 
of rubbish dumps and Merlot
I am this 
with the feeling of that...

I will never know where life may go
but for G-d’s sake
take me with you!


Counting the centuries
the caves and carvings the creatures and creations...


"Fall to your knees!"
calls out the perilous chaos of the stagnant

The inevitable forward motion of cogs
drops another fly to its silent slumber...

Sing little honey bee, suckling on flowers sweet teat...

more time...


we need more time...


Hello again my darling, my dear,
how lovely you are,
especially today.

Forgive me,
I cannot speak, so I’ll write to say,


In these hardened tears,
a whimper and choke,
fills this very empty throat.

 So tremendously sore the pain at the thought…
 of losing you again…
my darling, my dear.

...Whoever you are inside...
with me, I hope you know,
 it is always safe to confide.

I see…

Regardless of the
stone cold face that would appear…

I’ll say this for certain, for sure,
my darling, my dear:

It is only you I utterly adore.

And hear me now if you have not before.
If fortune, at my door will never knock
I’ll be happy with you…
like a key and its lock, and not because you are all I ever got,
but my darling, my dear:
You are all I ever wanted…
                                                ... and luckily got.


Engorged is the merciless swing of her broken hearts wrath; tempering at any utterance that dares to leave his mouth.

An attempt to absolve his mind for thinking by its only natural way, with a feeble effort at taming the beast that transforms before his eyes.
He desperately scours the planes for resolution;
                          However there be none;

Her claws extend as she salivates for the morsel yet to be devoured;
 As his growing discomfort swiftly fills the air between them with the ripe scent of trepidation;

And he slowly backs away from the beast before him, into the corner that houses his hope for refuge.
                      And still she trails his steps,
 Allowing no extension of fine fate to stretch out his hands;

He cowers beneath her solid frame, contorting to the corners creases;

Mere moments until his demise,

His heart pumps its final hit, bump, pound;
And with the developing undo of the beasts jaws;
Hit, bump…
Darkness descends.

                                        And there was no more.

What if
I had
no more days with you?

If the whole world
collapsed on us two?

And it became
once more
what it just was before

that i’d just be me
and you’d just be you?

If no vow
we would take
and my heart
would just break

and ache
and ache...

But if my heart would just stop beating

that extra skip for you

and all
and all
we’d just be through

not once more
i’m sure.

but the last time i’d see you

come knocking at my door

I think I may just forget your smell
but not you

...never you

Mangled in rot and filth,
she grasps at the melodic tune
that hums behind her ears.

It whispers only for her.

a delicate sound
that holds comfort in its warm breath,
as it leans closer
to the fragility of her heart,
in its utterances,
able to cradle her
without bending her to break...

and she is safe.

With Time...
she learns to sing as well...
and her voice travels...

past the heavy noise
of doubt and despair
and into the light crisp air.

one damned world will not make two!

lifting one foot two

and forward she marches,
the silent soldier...
with her own melodic tune
that leads her through.

She lives in the grey one,
found down the street...

It seems,
every second day...
Pink! I’ll say, pink! I’ll say...
Yet still she will not budge...

From her safety... her grey...

And ill ask her of aqua, fuchsia, orange, or white...

Yet still she will not bite,
she sticks with her grey...

With all of her might.

And so I continue...

Coffee, copper and cocoa brown...
Yet all I receive are dreaded stares and frowns...

And so one day I figured it out!

I can not get her out of her grey...

But I can stick to my own multi-colored array...

And just hope that one day...
She will live in something more...
                                             ... than just the grey.

        Cue life in…
        20 seconds…
                                               His gaze finds mine…
                           coddled in between the resplendent lines
                                        of what will be…
                                                                    and what may be…
                                                       One look;
.                                    what of his smell, and his taste…
               I hope his to be sweet; the subtle perfume of glorious man…

       10 seconds…
                                         Suzzi is playing doll house;
                                        little Charlie is feeding spike…
                                            And there he is…smiling.
                                   I let out a lionhearted roar; I’m ready...
      5 seconds…
                                                                  I jump…

     And we meet…