By Stanley Collymore
For those of you genuinely in love and whose chances of
lovingly and successfully being able to freely live and
mutually share your combined lives together in a
constructively loving partnership or the sacred
union of matrimony as you conscientiously
hoped would be the case in your personal
relationship, but in their place had these
aspirations cruelly challenged, venomously impeded
and gravely in danger of being dashed through the
persistent bigotry and vilifying hatred of those
whose utterly sickening and racist objections
are based and focused entirely on nothing
more than these opponents repellent and
categorically perverse opposition to the
noticeable difference in skin colour and racial origins
of the parties involved. Advice: stick unyieldingly
to your guns and original resolve; don’t in any
way let yourself be intimidated by narrow–
minded coercion, and decisively in no
given situation be either tempted to
or actually submit to what clearly
is orchestrated oppression and,
consequently, apprehensively
allow yourself to succumb
to unjustified defeatism
by throwing the towel
in, and as a result let
such odious people
regrettably win!
© Stanley V. Collymore
6 November 2015.


Author’s Remarks:
It has always been a source of disdainful amusement to me to observe people who’re evidently incapable through any mechanism, fair or foul that one can surmise about, of altering the situation they get so hot under the collar about but which in actuality isn’t to any sensible or intelligent person a problem at all, since it is and has always been abundantly clear that the “problem” which is generating such angst in the minds of those who’re obviously and even openly fanatically obsessed with it, that when looked at impartially isn’t a problem at all other than in the sick minds of those who’re preoccupied with it.

Race and one’s skin colour are two such human and natural variants that promptly come to my mind. And why anybody other than a brain-dead imbecile or a purblind moron would really want to, let alone compulsively utilize their time, personal effort, energy and even their own economic resources with what’s essentially the asinine preoccupation of something which they had absolutely nothing to do with, even in respect of themselves far less so other people, and significantly can’t change however much they might fantasize about such an absurdity is frankly beyond me. Yet bizarrely there is no shortage of such people who thoughtlessly and in defiance of all sanity carry on regardless with their ingrained and pernicious acts of risible lunacy.


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