By Stanley Collymore
Answer me this simple question fully and honestly. Why are so
many people in Britain, comprising among them considerable
numbers of young men and women too, as well as fresh–
faced teenagers still in school, and whose individual
lives, quite transparently, and similarly from any
rational perspective, are yet to begin, in such
the discernibly pathetic state in which they’re in? Especially
so, if as you conceitedly and self-indulgently claim every
thing is completely honky-dory; however, for my part
I contradictorily, unfalteringly and unapologetically
maintain that what you’re dishonestly asserting to
cover up the realism of a very troublesome and
even a devastating situation, is nothing more
than yet another of your already numerous
disingenuous and outright lying refrains
to deceitfully detract awareness away
from the perversity of what things
certainly are in reality, as they
realistically pertain to these
suicidal-inflicted persons.
All of them, incidentally, being indisputably vital components
of and fully ensconced members within your much vaunted
and, as you’d most assuredly love to have everyone else
credulously believe, is categorically a very reputably
vouched for, democratically-conceived, prudently
inspired, studiously structured and, likewise, an
essentially well-implemented, yet for all that
is nevertheless a noticeably glaring, as well as a congruently
and utterly risible to everyone who’s justifiably regarded
as a reasonable competent and, additionally, a normal
human being, apart that is from you and other alike
persons like you, as a totally idiotic clarification.
But is all the same still unconditionally trotted
out by you as a fully meritocratic-operated,
distinctly well-balanced and, even vainly,
a correspondingly and quite decidedly
a civilized, white Caucasian led and,
understandably, quite naturally, a
most proficiently controlled in
the process, western society.
And, in effect, isn’t only the very best thing on offer
to-date socially and societally but is also the very
epitome of what all competently-run countries
worldwide ought in all truthfulness earnestly
endeavour for and inexorably set out to be!
If only unequivocally for the betterment
of their national integrity, sovereignty,
the philanthropic advancement and development of their
own population, the inducement, and as well the total
implementation of a truly worthwhile, passionately
encouraged to aspire to in its entirety progression
that’s in turn complemented with the absolutely
endorsed guarantees of a visibly wide-ranging,
stupendous and a significantly advantageous,
decidedly inspired, approvingly determined
and, of course, white-western civilization.
One that’s in complete tandem with a prudently thought out,
studiously catered for, structurally adopted, persistently
promoted, proudly proselytized and comparably an
all-inclusively embraced western-emulated type
society. Alas, though, there is one foremost
discrepancy which I personally perceive.
For this unmistakably distracting fallacy, notwithstanding
your hyperbolic but none the less idiotic clamour for it,
is not what I see when I carefully check your better
than everything else going which is on offer and
naturally outclassed by your superior western
society! But, accordingly, dolefully leaves
unsuccessfully unexplained exactly why
it is that so many people within Britain
and together with the rest of the west
habitually resort to taking their own
lives if, as you haughtily maintain
it’s western society per se, which
consistently not only offers but
also delivers nowt but the best.
Stanley V. Collymore
22 November 2017.

In the wake of the enforced resignation of Robert Mugabe the democratically elected President of Zimbabwe on the 21st of November 2017 and someone who I’ve always respected and supported, and nothing will ever change that, and in conjunction with the 54th anniversary of the assassination of J.F Kennedy the President of the United States on this day, the 22nd November 2017 and two people who gave their all to bringing about meaningful change not only in their respective country but also the rest of a still pathetically sick world I wholeheartedly and proudly dedicate this poem to both of them, in the full knowledge that when their detractors and haters are long gone and easily forgotten they will eternally live on in the hearts and minds of as yet unborn generations, as the great men they undoubtedly were.

I was born in the west and grew up there but I’ve never been a slave to so-called western values and the arrogance that is assumed when normally speaking about it that most people adopt, that everything that smacks of civilization had its genesis within western society and by definition those run exclusively by white Caucasians, which isn’t just a fallacy but to put it bluntly is absolutely utter crap.

However, I don’t automatically think that everything associated with the west is evil and other regions of the world are areas of enlightenment for that also is totally nonsensical. One only has to look at Bantu Saudi: that Persian Gulf cesspit to comprehend what I mean or Burma, as I still call it, just to name two examples of murderous entities that inflict this planet earth.

My attitude therefore has been one of drawing on all things that I know and feel confident with and am equally convinced will improve intellectually and in numerous other beneficial ways my own personality as a human being.

What you do with your life however is a matter entirely for you, but don’t be surprised if those who think like I do retaliate and do so with every resource at our disposal if you assume that your concept of white western “civilization” or any other for that matter is the epitome of everything that should and must exist because you think so.


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