By Stanley Collymore
Actually I shouldn’t be as dismayed as I am nor come to
that ought any other sensible, intelligent and clearly
rational person either, as things presently stand,
but all the same we’re nevertheless evidently
concerned by the rather ludicrous, risible
and patently vainglorious procession of
what we’re told, and then ad nauseum persistently
reminded of as though we’re retarded children,
are outstandingly and essentially in societal
terms state of the art celebrity figures by a
closely knit, decidedly subjective coterie,
and collectively, a self-appointed and
in every respect an unrepresentative
consortium of utterly self-serving
and absolutely unreliable carpet
bagging shakers and movers.
Persons: generally businessmen or women who obviously
have their financial and other personal vested interests
to carefully consider and safeguard, but who even so
don’t mind at all proceeding with their monetary
endeavours without the least regard that what
they’re habitually, fraudulently, avariciously
and self-centredly flogging is nothing more than the
crass utilization of minimal talent, if any to begin
with in the preliminary situation, encapsulated
in media streams of concerted and distinctly
propagandistic fiction that is then adroitly
packaged as an exclusive brand for the
systematically hedonistic gratification
of a primarily uncultured following.
Very much a current trend unfortunately but reflectively it
wasn’t always so, as I well know! For there was a time
when genuine talent like yours our Empress Shirley
could be readily discerned, warmly embraced in a
mutually exciting and pleasurable environment
of realistic and justifiable expectations while
being proficiently, encouragingly and fittingly honed
in the cauldron of artistic brilliance; and accounts
for why, plus the outstandingly proud Welsh
tradition of melodious singing that you’ve
been nurtured in, you’re unquestionably
the matchless Welsh, Diva Empress,
we all of us everlastingly respect
and genuinely love, your Most
Gracious and regal Majesty;
the unparalleled and the
expressively peerless
Ms Shirley Bassey!
© Stanley V. Collymore
28 May 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
Politically accredited by your country the United Kingdom you’re additionally a societally acknowledged and cheerfully accepted Dame; a living legend occasioned through genuine and astutely recognized merit; an incomparable Diva of astounding worth and artistic brilliance; a comprehensively enthralling figure richly and prodigiously endued with an exuberant and thoroughly captivating dynamism.

The sterling and consummate manifestation of definitive meritocracy and a truly spellbinding, infinitely memorable and an ineradicably sensuously, both physically and psychologically, alluring woman that’s wholly encapsulated in you, Dame Shirley Bassey: the unparalleled Diva Empress proudly born in Wales but rightfully and gratefully belonging none the less to the entire world.

And thankfully on my part and as a devoted, life-long and enduring fan of yours Dame Shirley I’m eternally grateful that your unwavering perseverance in the grievous face of myopic, racially motivated and distinctly bigoted, apathetic or concerted indifference on the part of mean-spirited, so-called teachers and other equally aberrant lowlifes who did all they could to stymie your natural ability with the expectant wish of impeding your studious progress and valid aspirations – where are these disgusting nonentities now I wonder, or who even remembers them? – appreciatively didn’t succeed in their loathsome scuppering enterprise!

So well done to an impeccably laudable Dame of the United Kingdom and matchless Diva Empress of Wales fittingly conjoined with the musical empire you’ve trustworthily created and impressively consolidated on a truly massive, enduring and global scale!

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