By Stanley Collymore
I must be in love, for after you’d gone I found myself
reaching out and cuddling the pillow that previously
you’d laid your head upon; which I’ve never
embarked on doing before and objectively,
unless it’s love that unwittingly I’ve
succumbed to, find it inexplicably hard to
properly understand what could have brought
those emotions on, as I’ve never before got
wrapped up with or even wanted to get
emotionally involved with any of
my numerous one-night stands.
© Stanley V. Collymore
24 March 2013.


There’s a strong analogy between the devotees of one-night-stands and pedestrians choosing to learn to drive a car. Hopefully he or she will, with constant practice, acquire and master the skills of driving, obtain a driver’s licence and possibly even graduate to owning their own vehicle; the equivalent of embarking on a meaningful relationship in human terms. But if none of this ever happens what’s wrong in the circumstances of reverting, with a clear conscience, to using Shank’s pony?

emotion, sex, love, relationship

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