By Stanley Collymore
Murder I was told from my earliest childhood was a sacrosanct
existence rendered by the judicious decision of the Almighty
God to every individual person: child, woman and man,
and a state of being that should definitely in normal
circumstances unfalteringly stand unless revoked
through requite acts of indisputable pragmatism
or implacable retribution spurred on by God’s
will. And in you specific case, Ian McNicol
and obviously that of a delusional lowlife,
white trash, white supremacist, Nazi Zionist
and a dismally pathetically poor excuse for and purported
specimen of humanity that you unmistakably are, along
with your entire family and the coterie of likeminded
moronic, nepotistic and cronyism inept cretins you
surround yourself with are demonstrable factors
that only partially account for why all of you
must die! Murder most just; and which in
any assertive manner that the rest of us
at best are able to accomplish should
rapidly and resolutely be fulfilled,
starting of course with you Ian
McNicol and in the long run
the overdue cleansing of
the Labour Party’s and
inexorably Britain’s
manifestly corrupt
political, societal
and nauseating
Augean stable.
© Stanley V. Collymore
26 August 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
So in hubristic and narcissistic fashion coupled with a determinedly egotistical and delusional air of pomposity so very characteristic of your customary self-indulgent, hopelessly and ineptly out of touch and manifest unawareness of anything even remotely connected to reality let alone probity Ian McNicol you haughtily and pretentiously declare in the elaborate Wikipedia presentation of yourself that you have a black belt in karate.

Oh bully for you! But as I and others see it a fat lot of good that’ll do you – we don’t personally think – against someone immensely skilled in the use of and moreover expertly wielding a glisteningly razor-sharp machete and industriously intent on lacerating and massively crippling strategic areas of your torso, and who then after this excruciatingly painful and toying humiliation, both physically and mentally for you, proceeds to clinically and exultantly decapitate your head from the rest of what’s left of your still intact body.

Or alternatively utilize an IED to blow you to smithereens; a car packed with deadly explosives to tail yours, run you off the road irrespective of what security detail you have and is itself mechanically equipped with a remote contraption that allows your killer(s) to be safely thrown from their vehicle but allowing at the same time the said vehicle they’ve vacated and now totally and remotely controlled by them to lock on to yours and in the subsequent automated crash and massive conflagration blow you Ian McNicol and those with you to Kingdom come!

We have too in an age of brilliant and readily applied technology Ian where private drones bought commercially or technically and independently constructed are now commonplace and these too can be fitted with extremely lethal devices that can be promptly released from the air on to the targets home, most fittingly at night time when those condemned to die are unsuspectingly and comfortably tucked up in their beds. After all if commercial firms like Amazon can deliver, as they’re planning to, deliveries to customers’ homes by drones why not a killer’s prescription, or more appropriately eradication delivery, as well?

Likewise the target’s workplace and even their venues of recreation can and will become totally unsafe locations for them. And although the singular term of target is used here, essentially it definitively applies as well to that targeted individual’s close family members too, likeminded colleagues and their friends both individually and collectively. For in every instance of a target figure, which evidently includes you Ian McNicol, other lowlife scum like Tom Watson, Shabama Mahmood, Ellie Reeves, Glenis Willmott, Margaret Beckett and Keith Vaz to name but just a few of them, a thorough and routinely updated register of your daily routines and those of your close family members are meticulously maintained as they’re also in the frame for extermination. For at any given time it’s known precisely where you and these family members of yours, whether together or independently in your cases, can advantageously be found and appropriately dealt with. And apropos with all that there’s the additional factor and blessedly from our perspective but for you a looming and worrisome headache unknown feature of the lone wolf assassin.

So essentially both your individual and collective Achilles heels, in relation to all of you lowlife scum are well known to your potential killers whether it’s for the disposal of you in the aforementioned described manner or by other technical means which I’ve scrupulously and astutely withheld; as no good general discloses all of his own military options or those relayed to him by others Old Boy! And besides my briefers having confidentially disclosed these alterative options to me have also kindly asked me not to report on them and accordingly as I always do, I honourably - what other method is there old chap? - keep my promises. And anyway those involved are reliable, trustworthy, longstanding and impeccable sources to whom I have unhesitatingly and categorically given my promise to fully adhere to that non-disclosure pact.

In conclusion, and from a personal perspective and a question that I repeatedly ask myself, if decent people like John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert; Dr. martin Luther King; Steve Biko; Malcolm X; Olaf Palme – who is he I hear you morons out there and your supporters asking yourselves? Well he was the Prime Minister of Sweden who stood up against apartheid when you slime balls and your white western governments were all in favour of it and as in Britain’s case specifically massively profiting from it too; and against this backdrop Olaf Palme courageously went against the tide of white racist exceptionalism and gave sanctuary to Oliver Tambo the head of South Africa’s African National Congress (ANC) to live in and operate from Sweden; and to more easily facilitate this granted Oliver Tambo a Swedish passport and citizenship as well.

Additionally Olaf Palme was a staunch supporter of the Palestinian cause and there’s no doubt that these tow principled stances by him led to his assassination at the hands of Yidland’s Mossad, the British MI6 and apartheid South Africa’s security forces working in tandem with each other at the behest of their respective governments that didn’t want to see apartheid eliminated in South Africa or for justice to be meted out to the Palestinians either. The latter still an ongoing source of shame and barbarity for successive UK regimes and the Nazi Zionists linked to and closely associated with all those in the Labour Party’s NEC and England’s Appeals Court judiciary, of the odious, corrupt and public office malfeasance ilk of Blairite Beatson, Macur and Sales, that run Britain on behalf of the Zionist lobbies, the multinational corporations, the military Industrial complex and massive tax evaders and money launderers like the Yid scum Sainsbury family, Michael Foster and their supporting cast among the four billionaires that own the British Corporate media and exemplified in the form of the Barclay brothers who own the Daily Telegraph and Rupert Murdoch who owns and controls most of it including the misnomer named Sky News.

But equally heroically among all those who conscionably and courageously stood up for justice and equality for Blacks when she could so easily have settled for being just another apartheid and quite comfortably off and simply by virtue of their skin colour alone white South African like so many, in fact the overwhelming majority of whites in South Africa were, but admirably and most fearlessly did the complete opposite and unashamedly showed her solidarity with the oppressed indigenous Black population of the country of which she was also a citizen, the quite steadfast and utterly remarkable RUTH FIRST. White as I earlier said she was also Jewish and an ANC member and anti-apartheid activist who was brutally murdered by the apartheid regime in a bomb attack evilly perpetrated against her for who she was and what she conscionably stood for. And I wholeheartedly suggest that you Google her story and that of her husband Jo Slovo, white like her and similarly a trusted stalwart in the ANC.

And my question to all of you out there as it has always been and will remain, if these people and many others like them across the globe who honestly and courageously and with enormous danger and sacrifices to themselves and their family members, Ruth First was a mother of two young children, can be gratuitously murdered for trying to make this world we all belong to a better place as it isn’t nor should it and its natural resources be the sole preserve for the privileged few, why in God’s name should mass murderers and war criminals along with being perpetrators of crimes against humanity: human filth like Tony Blair, Gordon Brown their likeminded cabinets that they assembled; Neil Kinnock, wife Glenys and village idiot son Stephen; Alastair Campbell, Peter Mandelson, the plethora of odious, warmongering and self-serving Dykes, Queers and immunity granted Paedophiles; the scum on Labour’s NEC led by Ian Nicol and the corrupt bastards that pollute the British judiciary and all the rest of this detritus element of so-called humanity be allowed to live?

Why? I ask again! Or any of their close family members and bearing in mind the countless millions of lives of innocent civilian women, children and men that they’ve sadistically and uncaringly eliminated from this earth the better to deprive them of their natural resources and indigenous wealth. As my Mum has always pointed out to me killing an adult poisonous scorpion but sparing its young is utter foolishness; for young or baby scorpions in the fullness of time and left unmolested grow up into fully fledged and similarly dangerous scorpions. And no one was more pleased than my German Partner and me when back at home in Germany and after our sojourn in Barbados through our watertight secure system of communication we were informed that Ian McNicol is to be killed with others including his family members and NEC chums to follow.

And you’re free to copy this Scotland Yard and the UK security services, as I’m sure you’ve already done. But anyway you’ve got my permission to do so, and therefore can’t later say that I the messenger am I’m withholding information from you or even quite ludicrously commissioning murder (smile). But the way I see it most people are born with healthy arms and if at sometime during your life you’re diagnosed with a medical condition that effectively says that one of your arms is gangrenous and thus a real threat to your life if it’s not amputated no sensible person would say it’s my arm, I’ve had it from birth and it should stay; and on that basis alone I don’t want it amputated. Well that’s their choice I suppose. However when it comes to vote rigging as Ian McNicol and his chums at the NEC are assiduously doing against Jeremy Corbyn and creating facts on the ground that aren’t meant to be rightfully there and in simple turns fucking up my country for the even greater benefit of the privileged few then I do think that I have a right and a duty to act, and will do! Ian McNicol MUST die and I wholeheartedly subscribe to that and make no secret of how I feel about that, and anything I can do to facilitate this I will unhesitatingly do. He’s not alone in that regard but like al-Qaida Britain and the USA’s creation and de facto YOURS and NOT mine or those connected with me, once said: “You have the watches but we have the time!” Appropriately analyzed I would say.

However in marked contrast I say: “Long live Jeremy Corbyn and an equitable Britain both shaped and run by him!”


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