By Stanley Collymore
It’s no surprise to decent Blacks and also conscionable
whites who nobly support them what odious things
covering several centuries up to and including
the present 21st one that we’re living in and
when this poem and article were penned,
that utterly loathsome and dangerously
inclined House Nigger women and men both compliant
and in total harmony with their accursed half-breed
black brethren scum of both genders have done
to multiple numbers of the victimized Black
race that most regrettably and shamefully
they are sadly biologically connected to.
And most particularly and emphatically so in Dyke,
Queer and Paedophile infested Britain where
officially and quite concertedly ordinary
citizens and residents in the country
are relentlessly, and with overt
media support, pressurized
into declaring that uniformally they’re gender
neutral and consequently belong to none;
and consequently neither of the two
genders comprising a woman and
a man that either the Almighty
God in his infinite wisdom
had devised and created
to plan or alternatively
if you’re intractably
and atheistically
inclined were definitively the
outcome of Nature’s own
productive programme
were in any way the
least bit pertinent
to any of them.
Notwithstanding all that however toadying
House Niggers and their half-breed black
scum have between them routinely and
shamelessly undertaken in the past
and still carry on at the present
time– and basically at the
drop of a hat– on behalf
of their allegedly and
idiotically perceived
by them superior white Caucasian masters
and mistresses and de facto justifiable
leaders and controllers; and all this
naturally with a marked lack of
common sense coupled with
the utmost disdain that they
instinctive feel and keenly
generate for ordinary Blacks in their
customary and avidly shoring up
of the common tendency by
inured white supremacists
of their supposedly and
inalienable but in all
reality delusional
birthright to their
assumed racial
© Stanley V. Collymore
25 August 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
My German partner and I are never disappointed by the stupid and totally lacking in any semblance of self-worth of House Nigger Blacks and their conspiratorial half-breed Blacks who will do and if afforded half a chance unhesitatingly and enthusiastically embark by any means at their disposal to disparage, undermine and in any convenient way they can destroy ordinary and particularly successful Blacks who have by their own efforts and determination achieved the successes they’ve made, the worthy and deserving recognition they’ve attained and furthermore have all along during these processes fully acknowledged their blackness and Black racial heritage; rejoice in both of these and vigorously as well as welcomingly encourage other Blacks to enterprisingly and with committed endeavour in their own given circumstances, whatever these are, to assiduously do the same. So this poem and article are in grateful appreciation and respectful commendation to all of them wherever they are, a consortium of the most wonderful persons and human beings on earth that one could hope to meet or think of.

Similarly this poem and article are likewise a dedication to all those whites who against all the odds have courageously, commendably, conscionably and altruistically stood up for and spoken out on the behalf of Blacks when they could so easily have taken the easy way out, kept their mouths shut, laid low or maintained an anonymous profile but honourably chose not to because to them justice, fairness, equality and the right of all people of every race, colour and nationality deserving of the name and entitlements of being a human being should and must have these laudable and inalienable qualities automatically as theirs, and therefore they were, and still personally assuredly and quite determinedly are committed to ensuring that they would do everything in their power to assist and earnestly consolidate this virtuous process. And for my part I take my hat off to and simultaneously highly and enduringly compliment and commend them.

No such spontaneous or even enforced plaudits or commendations however from me, nor will any be ever forthcoming, for the embarrassment of toadying and treacherous House Niggers and half-breed Blacks still unfortunately around and who’ll waste no opportunity to do ordinary, decent and hardworking Blacks down as they incessantly and sycophantically do everything they can on behalf of their perceived white masters or mistresses to asininely in their sick minds keep ordinary Blacks in their place. And who with irony markedly lost on them can’t see that despite all that they’re injuriously doing to the Black Race the same bunch of white racists that they pander to don’t in all reality give a toss about them and simply consider them as Useful Idiots. And you just have to look at the so-called super-stars of Black heritage: those whose white mothers married or else had sexual relationships with Black men. Clearly they have inherited their talents from their Black ancestry but they don’t see it that way and thus do everything in their power to give the fraudulent impression that it’s all down to their “whiteness” alone.

This in spite of the fact that when you check out the “pedigree” of their white ancestry it’s nothing remarkable to consider or talk about; but there it is all the same. And in this process these morons can’t wait to breed out their blackness whenever they can. I don’t have to mention them here by name but well-informed Blacks and conscionable whites know who I’m referring to, as you don’t or will you ever hear any of this scum making any reference at all to their Black ancestry or heritage. Just go to Manchester
or Sheffield - hint Premier League football or athletics Olympian – and you’ll quickly get the gist of what I do mean; Black Sierra Leone and Jamaican blood respectively in the two instances I earlier cited.

But I will however mention two similarly British and in their cases political half-breed black scum both of Nigerian origin. And if you didn’t already know then trust me Nigerians are some of the worst House Niggers on Planet Earth and their mixed race offspring are even worse than they are. But here unapologetically are my two choice prized lowlife, half-breed black assholes: closet Queer Chuka Umunna who’s the MP for Streatham in London, and Chi Onwurah, also a British MP but for the constituency of Newcastle-upon-Tyne Central in the North of England. Incredibly this latter and discernibly a most purblind cunt claims that she was a staunch member of the Anti-Apartheid Movement; yes and I’ve always been a member of the racist BNP and UKIP. I know differently as do all of my colleagues that like me were actually members of Anti-Apartheid Movement, but just like all those who went around sporting T-Shirts with “Hang Nelson Mandela” on them they too now claim they were forever supportive of the Anti-Apartheid Movement; in the same way that you can’t find a single white in South Africa who was a supporter of Apartheid. Strange how convenient the memories of such lowlifes are!


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