By Stanley Collymore
What on earth would the UK do
without its surfeit of unworthy
and privileged people with
made-up names who so
deceitfully like nothing
better than actually telling their
perceived inferiors how truly
wonderful they really are?
In essence proselytizing
and publicly promoting
in cynically contrived
actions, and all the
conceivable ways
they can put on
public display
their artfully
but deeply transfixing and
self-absorbed hypocrisy;
their unbridled double
standards but never
any consideration or, even
less so, any indication at
all of meritocracy when
it touches on equality
in clear-cut relation
to the prevalence
of the debasing,
fawning British
nation of very
pathetic and
(C) Stanley V. Collymore
20 May 2020.

Author's Comments:
I make no apologies of any kind for this poem as it had to be said and someone needed to say it; and if this particular cap or bonnet fits be my guest and pull the string.

More fittingly, though, I would advise you to take a long and very hard look at yourselves in the mirror and when you've done so, stop your asinine, attention-seeking antics and the vile trolling of others, who literally are multiple light years ahead in terms of transparent maturity as well as discernible intelligence than you'll ever be!

And most significantly, too, please stop off-loading what you characteristically are but find very difficult to come to terms with, on those that either through your jealousy or plain stupidity, you purposely and rather cowardly choose to scapegoat for your own and myriad inadequacies.

Does anyone readily come to mind?

Fawning, hatred, racism

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