By Stanley Collymore
I’ve every right to a life of my own and furthermore to
unimpeded go about my lawful activities like anyone
else, whether you approve of my doing so or not.
It’s a stance to which I’m firmly committed
to and for which I make no apologies
whatsoever to anyone; and that,
most categorically, includes
racist nerds like you.
For if your idea of reality is to asininely and
deliberately choose to live in a virtual time
warp from where you ludicrously seek
to re-create the very worst aspects
of an erstwhile real-life epoch
when neither you nor anyone
else, for that matter, among
the rest of us actually lived or could
have realistically done so, and which all
sensible people currently living would
not only resolutely eschew but also
discernibly hate to see resurrected
in the 21st Century; then the
most charitable thing that
I can possibly say about
you is that you’re a
pretty odious and
And were you to ever conspire to detrimentally
cross my path, then proceed to gratuitously
and loquaciously spew out your vile and
illogical hatred of me– never mind
the calculated restraint shown on
my part in the face of your protracted
and virulent provocations towards
me, but not withstanding that
maliciously become emboldened
to physically direct your racist and
bizarrely white supremacist crap at me—
considering that anyone with objective
eyes can readily see what a particularly
poor specimen, in every regard, that
you really are of the human race;
then let me immediately disabuse
you of your congenital folly
and to forthrightly, forcefully
and unambiguously make it
absolutely clear to you that
I shan’t hesitate, given
the aforementioned
circumstances, to
unashamedly and
kill you!
© Stanley V. Collymore
22 June 2014.


Author’s remarks:
This poem is dedicated to Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale in thankful appreciation for your demonstrable courage, so explicitly shown, combined with your committed determination not to bend the knee in abject genuflexion to the pernicious demands of racist imperialism and western neo-colonialist thuggery.

For my part, it’s a timely warning too to all the abysmally pathetic, congenitally inbred and racist morons who, lemming-like, commute on the Number 23 Metrobus Service that operates between Crawley and Worthing in West Sussex, England and back. A state of affairs that Metrobus would do well to promptly acquaint itself with, properly and impartially investigate on the spot, and then uncompromisingly stamp out unless it wants to make it into the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Elaborating further on this particular loathsome and exceptionalist, white Caucasian theme, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is more than capable enough of defending herself and doesn’t need any help from me in that regard. But if Michael Fabricant, the Conservative MP for Lichfield, feels he has the right to freedom of expression, however odious or idiotic his views are, a stance I wholeheartedly support in his and everyone else’s case, why then does he spoil that impartial approach by gratuitously threatening unproved violence to someone who wasn’t in any kind of altercation with him or even a discussion come to that – as Yasmin Alibhai-Brown quite evidently wasn’t - but whose spoken opinions he nevertheless self-centredly, rather stupidly and Colonel Blimpishly disapproved of?


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