By Stanley Collymore
I can feel your presence very strongly, as overtly
and most discernibly not to be amiss you’re
quite intent on making me fully aware
of this; all the same I’m not the least
nonplussed by what you’re doing
since I’m very conscious that it’s your
inimitable style at work causing you
to act thus and therefore for you,
and obviously something
not to be shirked, your
customary way
of behaving.
But then as the Grim Reaper you well know that
Death attendant with its mortal finality isn’t
just a prolific business to be profited from
but also a most serious one to be
psychologically grieved about
and privately mourned by
those who really care; and as such there
are certain formalities that objectively
must be considered, revered, though
largely impassively on your part
it’s true, embarked upon, then
conclusively, categorically,
most assuredly and, of
course appropriately
as well, be done.
So if my time has come do get on with it
and please drop the formalities, as to
be perfectly honest with you I’m
truly one disinterested though
involuntary customer of yours who
intentionally won’t be losing any
sleep over my death knowing
that liberated through it I’ll
be permanently forsaking
this troubled earth for
what’s essentially a
brand new start
© Stanley V. Collymore
30 January 2014.


I can think of far more important things to concern myself with than Death, taking into account the fact that it’s inevitable however its realization is ultimately brought about. Which begs the question: could it be that those who’re most shit scared of Death and whose obsessive fears of it usually cause them to absurdly and quite fruitlessly embark on all manner of ways and means to circumvent or, even more ludicrously, attempt to stave it off indefinitely are invariably the very ones who in this life are the worst abusers, in every conceivable form, of their less fortunate fellow human beings and consequently as their own lives on Earth enter their final chapter are deeply petrified of what awaits them in the After-Life?

An After-Life where their massive ill-gotten and exploitative gains accumulated on Earth and criminally and abusively derived at the expense of others and used on Earth to unscrupulously garner immense power, influence and even more wealth for themselves can’t be transhipped to, rendering them highly impotent to affect conditions in their After-Life existence and thus scaring the living daylights out of them knowing that they’d be judged there on what they are and not who they were during their earthly life. Justice, which these bastards aren’t in the least fond of and can buy off here on Earth at last promptly and impartially delivered.

Are you listening and paying heed Koch brothers, Rupert Murdoch, those who own or run Monsanto, BP, RSB and the other banks, Halliburton, the pharmaceutical companies, EDF and all the other likeminded scumbags concomitant with your bought and paid for stooges in the US Congress and other foreign governments including our own British one, prime and consummate slime balls the lot of you who unfortunately infest this otherwise sacred world the rest of us are forced to share with you?

Life, Death.

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