By Stanley Collymore
Please take your groping hands off me, and don’t you
dare ever again touch me without first seeking and
in return given my explicit permission that you
can! And frankly I don’t in the least care
how either offended you are or contemptuous you
might be of this stated prohibition of mine. Or,
for that matter, what exalted position you
control in this company. Neither am I
intimidated by what either you or
others who function as you do
predictably and undeniably
deem as of right must be
instinctive, inalienable and justifiable
sexual perks for self-absorbed and
narcissistic sexist personnel of
both genders who execrably
but visibly self-evidently
are incompetently and
all too often enabled
as CEOs, Executive
Officers and senior
office managers in corporations
such as this one, but with no
tangible accountability to
any persons apart from
them and certainly no
transparency where
the lower working
ranks are involved.
And all this buttressed, of course, by a damnable,
impenetrable and very entrenched status quo
in which a particular company hierarchal
structure and itself vulgarly indulged
with and overrated by virtue of an
unequal, unjust and a biased financial structure
is all that matters basically to braindead and
lowlife scum like you! An accounts for
why as a normal and decent human
being who totally abhors what I
customarily see does go on in
this company and what you
particularly with me are
disgustingly trying on,
have no reluctance,
at all, in honestly
requiring you to
lay off, totally
get lost, and
just leave
me alone.
© Stanley V. Collymore
26 October 2019.

Author’s Comments:
It’s a common, well-promoted, seemingly convincing and within the white western world a conveniently believed misconception that the only sexual predators who roam their societies, infiltrate and disgustingly infest their major corporations and business companies are men, and in that sick deduction the sole victims are women. Think again!

For all empirical data and exhaustively, scientifically research clearly and irrefutably show that the female gender can be just as predatory as their male counterparts and invariably are more damagingly so.

However, when it’s a man who is the indisputable predatory the opinionated consensus is that he should be literally and publicly drawn and quartered. But when it’s a woman, the abused complainant is a man and he then has the nerve, the temerity and the share audacity to complain and seek restitution, whether legal or financially, he is overtly criticized as a wimp and damned as someone who should be thanking his lucky stars for what has happened to him.

A fantasy quite often held by, of all people, MEN!


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