By Stanley Collymore
Compliments are entirely wasted on the likes of you
since you’ve neither any notion what compliments
are nor what their real purpose is all about. Yet
you sanctimoniously, hubristically and quite
self-servingly continue to earnestly
project and studiously promote
your warped notion of altruism based not on the
genuine needs of the individuals involved
but rather your own subjective and
fraudulent interpretation of what
you think they should want,
ought to have, and most
crucially must unquestioningly accept if they’re
to be considered worthy of your assistance
to them in the first place. In other
words, you’re the classic, fashionable do-gooder
who’s always looking for a cause– its causal
circumstances or distance from where you
actually are no problem whatsoever—
to support, but with the overriding
objective always unchangingly
the same; your own completely
typical, egotistically charged
and emotionally uncaring
© Stanley V. Collymore
9 October 2014.


The 21st century apart from the multiplicity of unnecessary and odiously contrived wars concomitant with the avaricious and brutally secured plunder of the Global South by the purportedly developed and laughably civilized west comprised mainly of consummately narcissistic and quite ferally-disposed white Caucasians of both genders and across every social stratum of society there, will additionally be condemnatorily remembered by future generations – of that I have no doubt – for its mindboggling hypocrisy and intentionally contrived sanctimony relative to what was self-servingly characterized as humanitarian matters.

And in that regard practically every western government, NGO, the plethora of so-called human rights organizations: Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch principally among their number, together with the vast majority of household familiar western charities, including almost all of them in the UK, fall deeply and undeniably into this cesspit of intentional deceit, culpable dishonesty, manifest disingenuousness and the ongoing profitable exploitation of both the victims they’re supposed to be helping and the gullible but good-natured members of the public who fall for their spiel.

This then is my personal and unreserved indictment of these undoubted and insidiously criminal charlatans: governmental as well as NGO, who’ve assiduously and industriously taken the term humanitarianism well beyond any credible interpretation of what that word actually means and genuinely represents.

politics, hypocrisy

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