By Stanley Collymore
Physically beautiful, exceedingly intelligent and discerningly
clever with it too, you are the authentic epitome of what
graceful femininity and appealing womanhood were
originally intended to be and veritably and quite
absolutely are themselves actually all about.
Yet notwithstanding these outstandingly
impressive qualities rather than you
taking to boastfully shouting out
the odds about them as other and considerably less
endowed females who in reality have little either
to be conceitedly proud of and much less so be
overbearingly full of themselves about; you,
meanwhile, exquisitely demure, inwardly
constant, emotionally and contentedly
assured in terms of yourselves and
also what you’ve practically and
positively been doing in your
daily dealings with others including foreigners
alien to your way of living have nevertheless
in this ongoing and civilized process that
you’ve so elegantly and competently
mastered with the skilled maturity
no less that you view the world
generally while painstakingly
carrying on constructively
with what you have so
consciously and quite
purposefully settled
for and afterwards
embarked upon.
And all this conjoined with your conspicuously unpretentious
and proverbially cool as a cucumber manner towards and
observations on life that aren’t only a discernible credit
to the deservedly proud Germanic nation to which
you intrinsically belong but also aptly showcase
the marvellous, truly amazing, as well as the
unrestricted and continuous procession of
peerless and accordingly incomparable
German women who’re robust in their vivacity, pleasurably
spirited in matters of romance, enormously sophisticated
sexually and bewitchingly furnished with the inbuilt
and explosive capability to initially prudently but
thereafter when absolutely sure in their mind
tempestuously and unconditionally love,
and in doing so permit themselves to be totally loved
in return. In more poignant words the unmistakable
and unparalleled elucidation of these supremely
perfect and so characteristically exhilarating
German women; and how very fortunate
for me in my specific circumstances to
then find that I was, to say the least,
resplendently invigoratingly and
reciprocally amazing in terms
of my good fortune as well,
intensely and completely
rather delightfully and
permanently in love
with one of them!
© Stanley V. Collymore
17 December 2015.


Author’s Remarks:
For all of age German females generally but most specifically the exceedingly charming, loving and truly memorable German ladies who at one time or another featured prominently in my life. My deepest, enduring and sincerest thanks to you all wherever you now are. Interestingly, why live an ordinary life when you could lead an extraordinary one? And it’s a certainty you incomparable and beautiful German females already know how to do the latter!


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