By Stanley Collymore
Please teach me about love, as this unconquerable feeling
I’m experiencing within me is literally pulling me apart.
For on the one hand I genuinely want to save myself
until I’m in a reciprocally meaningful relationship
while on the other the unbridled and utterly
uncontrollable lust you’ve spontaneously and
excitingly evoked in me lends itself immutably to the
sponsorship of an entirely different and conflicting
attitude where the stoical restraints of reason and
commonsense are pitted adversarily against
the unyielding Siren voices of my heart!
© Stanley V. Collymore
24 March 2013.


Love and lust are the two sides of the same physical coin, with the principal difference that while love can sometimes be handicapped by the tiresome imponderables caused by emotion and expectations, lus6t is totally devoid of such baggage!

Love, lust, emotions

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