By Stanley Collymore
Come on; you must deep inside know perfectly well what
I really want from you! For contrary to your distanced
stance towards me and what you may even publicly
think, it’s you: the individual who I’ve come to
love, respect and would very much like to
share the rest of my life with - if you’ll
have me that is - that’s uppermost in my mind. Therefore,
it isn’t just your body that I’m after– as you obviously,
erroneously and, dare I say, suspiciously suspect
me of - although to be quite honest with you
it’s neither fair on me, nor would I be at
all inclined to consider it as such for
either of us to hastily or totally
rule out that aspect of any
personal relationship
between us and that
appears to be
you. So what do you say then to you and me getting
together, real personal-like, to physically explore,
mutually coordinate and satisfyingly cement
that promising possibility? I know that
I’d dearly love for that to happen, and
thus be granted the opportunity by
you to initiate without any fuss
what I can guarantee you
will be a most exciting
and an unreservedly
pleasurable and
for both
of us!
© Stanley V. Collymore
15 June 2014.


One should never conscionably beg for love or anything remotely associated with it, since to do so is quite demeaning. The same principle, I believe, should also apply to unbridled lust irrespective of how eager that one is to have that specific need urgently satisfied or is inclined to believe that their physical needs must be met. Using flattery though, no matter how honestly or disingenuously it is applied, is well within the rules of the mating game however.


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