By Stanley Collymore
I was nervous but excited which was only to be
expected having so many thoughts running
through my head. With all the advice
I’d been given and the fears, too,
which had arisen, as I laid
expectantly in your bed.
Then with great determination your footsteps
were approaching and my heart began to
flutter in excited anticipation of our
longed-awaited love making that
I’d eagerly looked forward
to, like no other.
From my side of the bed where I’d calmly
lain, I saw the door handle depressed;
complemented soon afterwards by
your manly frame, which you
slowly began to undress.
With mock feminine modesty I cast my eyes
down your imposing black nudity to shun;
but this pretence at my half-hearted
avoidance didn’t last very long
as observing you undress
really turned me on.
And with my eyes feasting ravenously on
your smooth, dark skin that contrasted
with the whiteness of my own; the
sheer carnal pleasure from this
novel, physical blend shot pulses
of lust through my groin.
At the same time I experienced a
sweet ache in my chest - the reason
for which I understood well; for my
nipples, areolas and both of my
breasts had spontaneously
started to swell.
With practised hands I cupped both
my mounds and squeezed their firm
flesh with keen ardour; then I gamely
extended the reach to my loins
where, with great urgency,
my fingers took over.
And as I rapturously indulged in this
self-stimulation beneath the soft
eiderdown; I could plainly see -
not least from your massive
erection - that you, too,
were enormously
turned on.
Of course, this new and pleasurable
development instantly boosted my passion
immeasurably as my inhibitions I totally
forgot; and as my fingers ploughed
ever deeper and more pressingly
inside me I was becoming
exceedingly hot.
You then moved towards the bed to the side
where I still laid, dexterously pulling the
eiderdown free; then with discerning
eyes you carefully scrutinised the
high state of arousal in me.
Immediately, you daringly lowered your face
and slotted it with great expertise between
my open thighs, as you maintained
the pace of getting even
closer to me.
Then your warm and gentle head was caressing
my damp groin, while your mouth tenderly
nuzzled my bloated labia; soon afterwards,
though I was enjoying the feel of your
tongue vigorously snaking its
way into my vagina.
This oral agitation brought me close to
orgasm, pervading my entire mons veneris;
for you really made me flip, when you
peeled-back my sex lips and
started to work on
my clitoris.
The scream I emitted as my orgasm erupted,
was intense and very sustained. And when
additionally your thumb probed the rim
of my bum– Oh!– the sensation
nearly drove me insane.
The lust from this extra, erotic massage of
my highly sensitive back passage triggered
a sexual convulsion I was powerless to
deter, as a rush of orgasms rocked
my entire body to the core.
Gushing furiously from my vagina like a
hot-spring geyser, my love-juices splattered
copiously over your face to the lash of
your tongue and the adept stroke of
your fingers, which kept up
their frenetic pace.
Feeling quite dizzy, as a result, and almost
like fainting I tried hard to maintain my
composure; but the battle was one
I was in danger of losing—
overwhelmed, as I was,
by such pleasure.
Then, when it seemed certain that my luck
would run out, I drew deeply from my
emotional reserves; determined to
be conscious when the end
came about, if only my
ego to preserve.
To assist this undertaking I got actively
involved– aware how unselfishly and
alone your cunnilingual display
was keeping me enthralled;
now the favour was
mine to return.
Taking hold of your phallus I husked its
sleek head and marvelled at its reach
and great width; then chuckled
disbelievingly at those persons
who said, “the importance
of size was a myth!”.
With undisguised relish and considerable
glee I pulled the foreskin all the way down;
then hurriedly leant forward, and quite
ecstatically stroked your pole
with the tip of my tongue.
The glorious sensations from this absorbing
trip of my working on your magnificent
beam, forced a massive re-alignment
of my mouth and my lips, which
I straightaway wedged
it between.
This sensual supervision of your turgid penis
from its base to the triangular tip, created,
at the same time, a ground swell of
sheer lust that caused my
whole system to flip.
So with my mouth going wildly in
a rhythmical motion as my cunnilingus
proceeded unabated, I felt rather delightfully
wicked from this prolonged pre-coital
exploitation, and just couldn’t
wait to be properly mated.
Laid bare in this most lascivious of ways
with my private parts fully on view,
you suddenly broke free from
your eating of me; as I
wondered what next
you would do.
Within moments, however, your actions
were clear as you mounted my yielding body;
then with your head on my chest and you
zealously sucking my breasts, you
lunged yourself firmly in me.
© Stanley V. Collymore
1 December 1997.


A send up on gratuitous prudish behaviour!

lust, sexual enjoyment

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