By Stanley Collymore
You are the epitome of selflessness, consummate
efficiency, exquisite charm, obvious intelligence
and the engaging embodiment of forbearance
pleasantly coupled with and appealingly
communicated in the full awareness
of what your designated and
embarked on duties are
and how best to professionally go about
and implement them; doing so with
the utmost proficiency, greatest
tolerance and a supremely
creative flexibility.
Innate qualities of yours that unfailingly and
satisfactorily generate in others a good–
natured and enduring reciprocity,
which stemming from you and
on your part is most skilfully, dexterously,
markedly and crucially, but noticeably
rather sociably as well, executed
with the utmost proficiency
that clearly and positively
stems directly from a
and caring
Undeniably then, and appreciatively and unvaryingly
so, you are unmistakably in a diversity of ways a
truly delightful and fabulous lady whose positive
features aren’t just limited to or merely focused on
functioning as a necessary incentive or stimulus
to professionally reassuring library patrons on
the one hand or on the other serving as the
conducive informative and or edifying
enlightenment of those that seek out
your guidance for whatever reason;
for in your own right you are
without any reservation a
genuinely fascinating
and conspicuously
© Stanley V. Collymore
27 July 2015.


Author’s Remarks:
Throughout Britain, and England in particular, the standard of education and literacy is falling alarmingly courtesy of the persistent dumbing down of the so-called educational system over a period of decades now, and libraries that should in essence be playing an instrumental role in reversing this trend and even preventing it in the first place are themselves part of the problem; with most library staff across England either not having a clue or simply refusing to even care about what libraries were initially created for.

Thankfully in these barren desserts of despondency one can and does occasionally come across an oasis of traditional values that fervently triggers and even optimistically sustains the eternal hope that everything isn’t irrevocably lost. This poem was motivated by and specifically written for the figurative guardian of one such oasis of hope; and to whom I appreciatively confer my deepest gratitude.


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