By Stanley Collymore
I’m absolutely convinced that in view of what it might
seem that I’m doing that Howard would not only be
terribly beside himself with Rage and worry but
also and equally in response to this poem I’ve
written be vengefully smitten with jealousy
and typically, as a result of this situation he’s literally
got himself into proverbially blow a gasket for, as
he perceives it, the unwarranted, uninvited and
additionally from his particular perspective,
the creation of uncalled-for and evidently
unwanted overtures on my part whose
specified agenda is to woo, with the
subsequent objective of inevitably
securing from him, the abiding
but illicit paramour in his life:
the demonstrably flirtatious
and love-hungry Marina.
Not so Howard! For unfortunately in actual life your
adoring Marina, played by actress Jean Fergusson,
as well as Juliette Kapman, your vastly savvy
but discernibly battle-axe wife Pearl: very
popular characters, like yourself, in the
BBC Comedy Series “Last of the Summer Wine”,
both sadly passed away within a short time of
each other – Juliette Kaplan went first on
the 10th October 2019 and afterwards
Jean Fergusson on November 14 in
the same year. And in sincerest gratitude
for the entertaining pleasure that they
both individually, jointly and most
marvellously over several years
delivered  to me and millions
of other viewers across our
contrasting nation the UK
this poem, accordingly,
is my commemorative
tribute to these two
truly, outstanding
British women.
© Stanley V. Collymore
19 November 2019.

Author’s Remarks:
My condolences to the surviving close family members and personal friends of the late Juliette Kaplan and Jean Fergusson: actresses in “Last of the Summer Wine” who sadly passed away recently on the 10th October and the 14th November 2019 respectively.

Eternal thanks for the immense pleasure you’ve outstandingly given to millions of viewers like me. And now that your excellent work and mortal life are now both finished on Earth, rest eternally in peace commemorative acclaim in your respective and resourceful lives.


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