By Stanley Collymore
I work for you, or more accurately the firm of which you’ve
been made its CEO. A both coveted and expected position
that you’ve been keenly after ever since you joined this
listed and prestigious company, after your stipulated
period at university. Oxbridge, of course, having
previously, like all such wealthy scum and the
invariably cuckolded offspring of the privileged elites been
expensively groomed for such important positions across
the entire spectra of the mutually British political and
economic systems; and, completely naturally and
unchallengeably, it’s automatically presumed,
the predictably, and justifiably so, route to
promotional stardom, and unqualified
success for identifiable privileged
elite patricians like yourselves.
And no reason to guess why. Because ostensibly you’re
all of you by the divine grace of God to the Manor
born. The indisputable masters, mistresses and,
consistently always right, white Caucasian
controllers who are and moreover must
always be at liberty as you jolly well
please, to be the indefatigable exploiters of those
whom in your self-declared prominence as the
presumed echelons of society, which in this
somewhat delusional and evidently manic
frame of mind that you see and likewise
consider yourselves as being in as you
both continue to and similarly delight
in playing your injurious game, can
with unflawed entitlement, as you
see it, typically and sarcastically
look down on while despicably
and insensitively characterize those whom you
virulently despise as either totally useless at
worst or, at best - when they willingly or
are callously and manipulatively lined
up with your kind against the rest of
normal society: conspicuously the
working classes and specifically
ethnically designated, British
born and bred communities;
as Useful Idiot, Plebeians!
Nothing less in these predictably unseemly circumstances
than a decidedly untenable, thoroughly sociopathically
wrong and an exceedingly and corruptly ingrained
situation conjoined with a particularly invidious
position to callously, egotistically and forever
place millions of conventional, decent, hard–
working and ordinary Britons in. And all
this intentionally, nevertheless, framed by the spurious
and perpetually malevolent assumptions, which are
senselessly conceived and deeply ingrained in the
impertinently misguided and equally delusional
conception that some people, specifically and
singularly yourselves, the alleged privileged
elites, are naturally and thus automatically
communally, intellectually and in every
other genuinely, positive sense vastly
and hence genetically superior, and
always will be, to everyone else.
A eugenically based deduction, which although long
and provably discredited for what it actually is, is
even so clung on to tenaciously by your kind to
vindicate your counterfeit assertion, which is
intensely embedded in your derisorily sick
and absolutely whacky minds, that your
sort alone, and no one else, is the ultimate embodiment
of mankind and naturally the very best of humanity.
Dream on white man or woman, for this person
whom you contemptuously see and can only
perceive as a Nigger, and consequentially
as someone rather inferior to you isn’t
in any way, whatever, going to buy
that shit. And as we’re ostensibly
in the 21st Century why don’t
you, if you’re so intelligent
and superior as you claim
to be, jointly with your
other racial: “Useful
Idiots”, ditch that
heap of shit and
be done with it?
Stanley V. Collymore
18 November 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
In the veritable class-obsessed cesspit that has long been an integral embodiment of all the four constituent parts of the United Kingdom: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, it’s a safe bet that this perverse, longstanding, ludicrous and utterly laughable state of affairs, were it not so bloody serious a matter, will indubitably last for several generations to come.

For personally I don’t see those who claim that they run the United Kingdom, albeit at the strict behest of Yidland and its AIPAC and other Yid lobbies noticeably in Rogue State USA, toadying Britain, most of the European Union and across the rest of mainland Europe along with their British cap-doffing to their alleged social betters contributors, ever changing their warped mind-set anytime soon.

Their problem not mine I must truthfully say. For as long as they don’t get in my way or my face with their bizarre and lunatic crap in which case I’ll respond most effectively with every resource that I can lay my hands on, then from my perspective they can do whatever the fuck they like. After all, they do kid themselves that they live in a democracy!

There is absolutely nothing wrong in either intelligently having or beneficially developing confidence in one’s self or one’s natural abilities, and if additionally, one altruistically does this as well for the good and betterment of others so much the better.

However, to asininely assume and then just as idiotically and likewise malevolently work on the puerile, offensive and thoroughly detrimental to others premise that because one was born through accidental, intentionally cuckolding, or even normal marital means and conventional circumstances into an opulently-based and socially advantaged situation, that any of these state of affairs on their own, and without any positive contribution in any shape or form subsequently on the part of the person who was born, automatically and permanently accords to that particular individual involved the inalienable right, as he or she sees fit, to gratuitously subject those that they assume, in tandem with their egocentric and hubristic airs and graces, are unquestionably inferior to themselves and therefore they have the unchallengeable right to condescendingly look down on them and, in this process, routinely despise them with abysmal contempt, and itself coupled with a perverse belief that they can also callously and uncaringly, like the earthly Gods and Goddesses that they consider themselves to be and as such have the inalienable right to lord it over those they innately consider to be their inferiors, isn’t only the height of idiocy but also in the most mind-boggling fashion absolutely beggars belief.

And questions whether such pathetic clowns - the Eton, Harrow, misnomer Cheltenham Ladies College, Oxford and Cambridge, the so-called Oxbridge universities types and the routine products of these socially parasitic and privileged buy one get the rest free perennial cesspits – and who pathetically wallow in their self-acclaimed but unwarranted status – ever heard of the term meritocracy?

Obviously not, it would seem! And if they have it clearly doesn’t register with this invidious scum. And the reason is simple! For they’re patently not as perceptive, clever, commandingly brilliant or superior as they would have you perceived Plebeians believe. So all the more fool you for falling for their execrable scam!


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