By Stanley Collymore
There’s nothing queerer than British folk the English
saying goes; a spot on assessment I concur with in
relation to this self-evident fact and ongoing
situation that all sentient, prescient-minded and
intelligent observers, who find themselves
unhappily exposed to this intruding and
national aberrant state of affairs, will
readily attest to. And while in the past it
was conceivably perfectly advisable as a desperate
measure of personal survival to understandably
elude criminal sanctions by the state prose-
cution, and from the perspective of the
perpetrators’ own actions relative
to this most unquestionably
aberrant behaviour, even
if reasonably but hypocritically so, still be regarded
as socially acceptable by society for not revealing
one’s true sexual propensities, and particularly
so if one were a man, no such sanctions were
ever imposed on Dykeism or butch females
who preferred to and voluntarily decided
on physically or psychologically as well
taking on the worst aspects of the male
gender and afterwards demonstrably
and foolishly behaving like a man.
So why then do so many Dykes and particularly those
holding major public office positions like the Prime–
Ministership of Britain, even when obviously not
elected to do so, and who as every sane person
knows and all vigilant watchers immediately
recognize and readily see is markedly and
exceedingly an incorrigible Dyke, while
disingenuously imploring the British
population to faithfully trust them,
yet at the same time not being straightforwardly
honest either with themselves or the general
public about their own sexual preferences,
to nevertheless faithfully trust them on a
multitude of national and international
issues which in actuality these public
office Dykes haven’t a solitary clue
about let alone know how to deal
successfully with any of them.
But all the same rather arrogantly, self-servingly,
delusionally, graspingly avaricious and totally
criminally expect thoroughly well-informed,
unabashedly heterosexual and exceedingly
intelligent members of the British voting
public like me who quite unmistakably
instantly recognize and enormously
loathe their sick and sociopathic
stupidity that’s so thoroughly
injurious to the constructive
wellbeing of our country
generally and humanity
significantly, to ever
idiotically and most
weirdly willingly
wish to or, even
worst, choose
to go along
with them?
© Stanley V. Collymore
3 December 2016

Author’s Remarks:
Instinctively heterosexual to the very core of my physical, psychological, sociological and religious being that life-long state of affairs will forever remain unchanged. And while I have no sympathy for or any empathy whatsoever with calamitous, pushy, extremely perverse and loathsome Dykes or Queers – openly so or closet constrained - those however who like the vast majority of genuine heterosexual males and females globally that conduct their personal sexual lives with dignity and in absolute privacy, what such persons do consensually and in private is none of my business or will it ever be.

That said I do have a great deal of antagonism to those who think that because it’s their chosen way of life and because they either find themselves unwarrantedly in powerful positions or that they have manipulated themselves into, or else get there through cronyism and nepotism that they can then foist their perverse and odious perversities down the throats of others, well that’s for you out there to decide whether or not you want to go along with that but sure as hell there’s one person in this world, even if everyone else decides to submit to this kind of barbaric coercion, concerted brainwashing or outright blackmail who most definitely wouldn’t be under any circumstance be joining you in this sickening affair. And that’s me!

So here’s my poetic Christmas gifts to the Queers and Dykes of No.10, the UK regime; the Houses of Parliament; Civil Service; Ministry of Defence; Police, Westminster Bubble, Media especially the BBC that I’m paying for, and the UK generally, and anyone else that I’ve inadvertently left out.

And in case you want to describe me a as a homophobe – your favourite and repetitive word of criticism go ahead – I went to a Grammar School and studied Latin which was a compulsory subject on the curriculum. I did well in it and know the meaning of the word homo meaning mankind and phobia which means a fear of something or the other. And using these two components together is not only a contradiction in terms when used by human beings but fucking idiotic in the process as well. Akin to someone saying that I was anti-Black. Yes there are a number of loathsome mother fuckers who are ethnically Black that I detest but by no stretch of the imagination could some describe me because one of those cunts is Chuka Umunna who I’ll happily dispose of if given half the chance that I hate Blacks bearing in mind that I’m Black and 99.9% of my mentors in this life and people I love intensely are Black. But I shan’t waste time giving an educational lesson to idiots across the UK who are systematically and in every other respect educationally dumbed down and why I quit the so-called UK educational system and migrated to Germany 32 years ago.

So here’s hoping you have a most lousy Christmas and New Year all of you Dykes and Queers, and I say this not because I’m anti-Xmas, which as a Christian I most definitely am not but because I know that none of you fuckers care a jot about what Christmas actually means; and frankly the best present you could give yourselves and the world is to literally drop DEAD!


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