By Stanley Collymore
Why should I now, of all occasions, start believing a solitary
word you’re presently saying to me, when throughout the
entirety of this personal relationship that you and I have
been intimately engaged in you’ve never once, as I’ve
subsequently and most hurtfully found out, told me
the truth about anything; and your demonstrably
pathological lying: transparently endemic,
systematic in every respect and, furthermore,
very symptomatic of a serious character
failing on your part, I suspect, is to
say the very least on this rather
dispiriting and unpleasant
subject matter quite
for me?
For to be absolutely frank with you this odd behaviour of
yours wasn’t something that I expected from someone
who I happened to fall deeply and passionately in
love with in the way I had done with you; and
who seemingly, both keenly and of her own
volition, optimistically assured me with
every pulsating emotion you could
possibly muster that the love I
unequivocally had and furthermore so positively
demonstrated for you was equally conjoined,
you winningly imparted to me, with your
own indefatigably strong, reciprocally
transmitted and solidly committed
love decisively possessed of a
longevity of its very own.
How on earth then I ask
myself couldn’t I have
seen this coming or,
more to the point,
possibly have
gotten it all
so terribly
© Stanley V. Collymore
30 December 2015.


Author’s Remarks:
We’re well into the festive season and while I’m sure that no mature and responsible person would care either intentionally or indirectly to impinge on the pleasurable pursuits of others, whatever these may consensually be, consensual none the less is the operative word here I think, and to that I would also add an informed consensus between those directly involved. You wouldn’t be that enamoured if I went to the travel agents and bought first class tickets for my Partner and me to spend whatever time we felt like, of our own choosing, in Barbados and then had the bill for our flights to and from that Caribbean island paradise as well as all the extra costs of our sojourn there unwarrantedly and without your knowledge or financial consent fully paid for by you, would you?

A hypothetical question being posed I know as neither I nor my other half would ever contemplate having freebees from anyone as we’re both perfectly capable of meeting our own financial arrangements and have always done so, not that you knew that but I’m telling you all the same to forcefully hammer home the point that I’m making. With intrinsically personal relationships, and that most unquestionably includes sexual ones, comes responsibilities. So shag all you want, these festivities or at any other time you wish to and good luck to you as long as it isn’t rape! But while my Partner who is German and pays her taxes and National Insurance in her native country, I’m British and most of mine are and have for decades now been paid understandably in my home country of Britain.

And what I’m saying is, that in the same way you wouldn’t want me billing you for the pleasure that my Partner and I have in Barbados I most certainly in a country, and I’m referring to the United Kingdom, where illegitimacy has gone through the roof and is now quite prevalent across the board and includes very underage participants – children giving birth to children – while I don’t mind, as I never have done, paying my fair whack towards the upkeep of my country and ostensibly yours as well, I sure as hell don’t see why I should carry on and furthermore have that burden grotesquely increased, and upwards to 18 years after that lustful event, for somebody else’s irresponsible and licentious sexual pleasure when on the other hand I’m personally behaving myself in that regard as responsible as any human being possibly can!

I want to see Britain genuinely proud as a nation but of positive things; not as the global capital of paedophilia, sexual bullying and even associated murder, coupled with rampant bastardy across the board among other disreputable and heinous things; regardless of whom or what age groups are involved. And I make no apologies whatsoever for making those remarks.


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