By Stanley Collymore
It’s over a year now that we became close friends and started
going out together. And though there has never been any
sexual intimacy between the two of us apart from the
self-evidently from my personal perspective all too
infrequent instances of us just kissing each other,
when clearly as my body language and additionally far
from subtle supplementary ardent and encouraging
indications on those precise occasions, together
with others that manifestly and conclusively
suggested that I wanted much more than
what you were customarily offering;
regrettably, on your part, nothing
remotely of substantial sexual
interest to me ever happened.
Concluding, therefore, that it was only friendship
that you exclusively desired from me I began
to weigh up my likely personal options
despite my being psychologically,
emotionally and physically, though unilaterally
it clearly seemed to me, steadfastly loyal to
you. For there were emotions in me that
were unquestionably in need of being
satisfied and that I couldn’t morally
contend with while I was still in
an emotional liaison with you.
Yet your churlish, immature, ludicrous and utterly spiteful
response, when I courageously took matters into my
own hands and opened up to you about how I
actually felt as regards our truthfully non–
existent private relationship, was to cruelly brand me
an incorrigible harlot, earnestly on the incessant
look out for any convenient and amenable
man! Me? Of all persons! And what a
disgustingly queer thing for you to
callously say! Considering my
extremely tenuous position
being in situ in a wholly
missing, heterosexual
connection with you.
© Stanley V. Collymore
11 November 2019.

Author’s Remarks:
A most queer response indeed on the part of this particular cad I must say, using that aforementioned adjective of “queer” in its authentic original and still appropriate, I feel, etymological meaning. This despite its vile corruption by the plethora of thoroughly intellectually challenged and deeply dumbed-down simpletons and charlatans across the English speaking world.

And most particularly so throughout the entire United Kingdom, and who routinely and persistently embarrassingly abuse the English language, and invariably the only language they know or will ever learn, for their own disgustingly prurient, perverse and idiotic purposes.


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