By Stanley Collymore
In the strictest sense of the genuine meaning of the word and
itself linked with any realistic conceivability that you and
I are essentially complete strangers to each other Nikita,
and for the recognizably simple reason of us having
only been conscious about the existence of each
other, and subsequent to that communicated
with one another only through the various correspondences
we voluntarily engaged in, and doing so in accordance
with the general instructions specifically stipulated
by the Storywrite: literary and short stories and,
equally so, the All Poetry: exclusively poetry,
hosting sites which we’re both members of.
And as a direct consequence of this particularly
spontaneous but, all the same, a most genial
association constructed in accordance of
this contextual situation the requisite
mechanisms for us as we availably
and beneficially took to utilizing
the highly effective forums of
these two select and fitting
platforms to valuably air
and also constructively
nurture our personal,
short stories, and
exceedingly as
well thought
And it’s primarily because of this, in effect something
that fundamentally began its existence in the most
ancillary of circumstances, that this intriguing
kinship, and in partnership with it, the truly
amazing stirrings of what could possibly
turn out to be the intuitive cannonade,
the expectant antecedent and the formal foundation
of a very encouraging, significantly stimulating
and a decisively rewarding friendship could
be positively born, and in the succeeding
process resourcefully develop a highly
consuming intoxication of its own.
But a more realistic deduction is
that whatever, and particularly
if anything substantive does
transpire from the airing of
these wilder speculations,
that such an analysis will
initially in all probability
and tangibly be wholly,
shrewdly and skilfully
conducted on a long–
distance, singly and
informative basis.
Stanley V. Collymore
6 November 2017.

Author’s Comments:
In the rather twisted, delusional, utterly self-serving, attention seeking and arrogant world that many across the globe have not only asininely created for themselves but also and especially so in the so-called western world likewise ensconced themselves in, friendship, and I’m specifically referring to genuine friendship and not the idiotically contrived kind of perverse relationships masquerading as what they patently are not, and into which many and increasingly by the day numerous people rather dimwittedly, for there is no other more fitting terminology to employ with such morons, happily, and seemingly contentedly in the process, ensconce themselves in.

Now that’s all well and good some people might argue, and I curiously agree as long as those who are directly involved objectively keep this kind of behaviour to themselves and don’t consciously or indirectly undertake to impact negatively with their nonsenses on the lives of others who in turn knowingly don’t want to be a part of what they’re doing, and worst still odiously proselytizing. But sadly and most unfortunately this very often is not the case.

Meanwhile, added to this inimical equation is the glaring fact that in the 21st Century, significant numbers of people everywhere globally have lost the art, assuming of course that they were either gifted with or had sensibly acquired such a thing in the first place, of skilfully, articulately and constructively communicating with other people and through this process garnering the social skills, knowledge, objectivity and the necessary confidence to successfully embark on new and particularly meaningful relationships of any kind.

And what’s more, and something that in its very nature is both inimical and equally soul destroying in all this and especially for those who genuinely in a state of open-mindedness in their approach to new friendships and consequently approach their induction and do so not with an iota of an ulterior motive, invariably find themselves idiotically and quite often even malevolently, in response, on the receiving end of those with the most spurious of motives, that in the most half-baked of situations are direly employed against them.

As for myself I never give such numbskulls the chance of acting in such an untoward manner towards me and when I act, having given the situation significant thought in the first place as in everything that I do, I make my intentions unambiguously clear so that there’s no possible likelihood, however remotely so, of any misunderstanding on the part of the other person or persons that I’m dealing with.

And it’s with this well-established criterion on my part, and one that’s well and truly tested and has been for several decades now and still ongoing that I meticulously always put into operation when thinking of or in actual terms embarking on any possible meaningful or otherwise substantial friendship, as wholly distinct from acquaintanceships that are as distinctly removed from each other as night is from day. So to this end I’ve decided to pen and dedicate this article and its attendant poem as a pleasant surprise to Nikita Ghosh whose first name appears in the title of both the article and poem.


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